Yours truly featured in Jet Magazine!!

It’s always great to get recognition for your work, and I sure did receive it by being featured in  the May 14th issue of Jet Magazine!! So run, don’t walk, to see the feature on page 34 that highlights myself and four other bloggers who speak specifically to black motherhood.  I realized I was featured over the weekend while I was in NYC and I had to go to 5 stores before I got mt hands on the mag!!!

My daughter has been featured in a couple of magazines, and I’ve been in a few local newspapers, but I’ve never gotten the exposure of being in a national magazine! I’ve already gotten a lot of great response and have ‘met’ people on twitter who saw the feature and wanted to connect with me. Awesome!!!

It was cool to be featured with my pal Kerry from YUMMommy, as she’s not only a fellow blogger, but a friend.

Another big shoutout to Sarah from OneStarryNight for the killer design that took my new blog to the next level!

Onwards & Upwards!!

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12 Responses to “Yours truly featured in Jet Magazine!!”

YUMMommy says:

I am beyond proud of you! And myself! This is a huge honor and I am very thankful that I am able to share it with you my friend! This is only the tip of the iceberg for us. Trust there is lots more coming!

Janelle says:

That’s great, so happy for you, congrats!

admin says:

Yay thanks Janelle!!

Read about your blog in Jet magazine. Congrats on being included in the Mommy Bloggers article. Hope you will review our Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright e-book series of children’s bedtime tales.

admin says:

Thank you for your support Barbara! I will look into reviewing your e-book series!

Jennifer Ferguson says:

I am so proud of you. Keep on keeping on. Im working on a book, wish me well!
Love you

admin says:

Thanks lady!! Can’t wait to read your book 🙂

Isra says:

So happy for you! This is awesome! Hope you bought more than a couple copies! 😉

I love this !!! It is SOOOOO awesome!!

admin says:

soo exciting!! thanks fran 🙂

Jazz says:

Congratulations!!! That is so awesome. You are so amazing, glad people are taking notice.

Jasmine says:

That is awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

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