Why I’m Not Throwing a Big Party for my Daughter’s 8th Birthday

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September is a busy month in our house. Not only does school begin, but it’s also me and my daughter’s birthday month. Ours are four days apart – she’s on the 22nd and I’m on the 26th. Every year friends ask me if I’m excited about my birthday, and I always respond no. Only recently it’s been because I’m now 25+, but before I really dreaded my birthday. Having our birthdays so close together meant that I could make her birthday the focus…and just forget about mine.


But, there is a reason.

I grew up in a single parent household just outside of Boston and am the youngest of four children. To say we struggled is an understatement. The birthdays I do remember were full of lonliness, and were absent of any celebration. My mother, either off at her boyfriends or at work, usually wasn’t around. On the day that was supposed to full of joy I spent reading a note from my Mother wishing me a Happy Birthday while tears rolled down my face.

It gets better…promise!

Prior to having my daughter I didn’t think much of birthdays. BUT, once my little girl came around, the game changed dramatically! I knew I was in trouble when I met with a cake designer for her 1st birthday party discussing the colors, flavors, and design of her FIRST birthday cake. I spent hours carefully cutting out the vellum cover that was laid over her photo and tying a pink bow around one white candle. I scoured arts & crafts store trying to find the best favor to give to guests. And like most kids on their 1st birthday, she was peacefully sleeping until cake…and after all my time designing the perfect princess cake she wasn’t amused.

And every year it’s been this big affair. I make the invitation, come up with a theme, find a space, decorations, favors, work with a designer on the perfect cake – it’s a production. And quite stressful. I swore after her 5th birthday party I wasn’t throwing another party…and we’ve had two more. But, I’m halting the huge party this year.

Reflecting back I know I spent so much time, energy, (and money) on an elaborate party for her because I was hurting from having such negative experiences about birthdays growing up. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than celebrating the anniversary of my daughter’s birth day with friends and family, but I realize there are other options than to break the bank and get super stressed.

“What do you want to do this year for your birthday” I asked my daughter a couple months ago.
“I want to go to a hotel….with a pool” she responded after thinking hard about it.

No invites, no favors…what will I do with myself this year? I’m really looking forward to a low-key birthday with my baby girl this year as we celebrate her eight year dealing with me as her Mom 🙂

With so many options to choose from, I have long admired the Royal Sonesta in Cambridge. Situated in East Cambridge I have been impressed with their amenities to guests and families. From the delectable menu at ArtBar to their stunning atrium-style pool, I wish I was planning a trip for my birthday! Located just a hop & skip from the Charles river the views of Boston are amazing, and show the beauty of the historic city.

Royal Sonesta Boston

Royal Sonesta Boston

If only we were staying in the summer because they offer free bike rentals, boat tours, a jogging concierge and river view running path, movie nights by the pool and more! Oh and they have 9 am complimentary yoga! Talk about taking care of their guests! And that’s why we’re hoping to stay at the Sonesta, because in our birthday month, we want to be taken care of 🙂

What do birthdays look like in your home?

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5 Responses to “Why I’m Not Throwing a Big Party for my Daughter’s 8th Birthday”

Eileen says:

My gosh!!!
This sounds AMAZING!!!!!!
Who wouldn’t want to bring their princess or little prince here!?
Happy soon to be Birthday and please let us know how your stay was–
I always take your advice anyway 🙂

I can completely relate to wanting to give your daughter all of the things and and experiences that you didn’t have growing up. My husband and I find ourselves in a similar situation with our boys most of the time. I was just telling a friend recently that I spent so much money on their early birthday parties that the adults enjoyed more than anything because the kids couldn’t care less. The Royal Sonesta looks absolutely beautiful. I hope you both are able to spend your birthdays there and please let me know all about your stay. Since I am right here in NYC, I might make a trip to Boston just to stay there on your recommendation. xo

Hi! I really enjoy finding new blogs that relate to my life and after searching on Google, I found yours! I’m a single mom to a two year old little boy and just kept smiling as I read this post!

I’d LOVE to go to a hotel with a pool for my birthday too! She’s a smart girl! Birthdays in our house are always pretty low key, too. He’s only two, so he doesn’t remember anyways. His past two birthdays we’ve had just family and friends over to our house to enjoy food, cake, and the laughter of my little boy! I hope your sweet girl enjoys her 8th birthday, and the pool!

Diana says:

A friend and I were just talking about the big hoopla kids’ birthday parties become and why it really doesn’t matter to them… that being said, I am guilty of making a big production too, even though chances are he won’t remember his 1st or 2nd birthday.

I almost cried reading your intro about your birthdays. I’m sorry you didn’t celebrate! Everyone deserves to be celebrated!! I am happy that you have created wonderful experiences for your daughter! You’re an awesome mom.

I can’t wait to hear all about your stay in this fancy hotel… I wanna go there too!!

Love the amenities offered – I have never heard of a jogging concierge. I’m assuming they tell you best spots to run? If so, impressive!!! Love it Alex!

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