Weekend Wrap-up: Mother’s Day Done Right

Instead of sleeping in late and being served breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day we got up early and headed down to Rowe’s Wharf in Boston for a Mother’s Day Cruise! Many thanks to Quirky Fusion!

I’m not one to celebrate Mother’s Day, my daughter and I always lay low which we have always loved, but we were given the opportunity to board the Odyssey and enjoy brunch, weather, and family. It was the perfect start to Mother’s Day even though we were all tired. They served both breakfast & lunch, with a complimentary glass of mimosas for the adults :) My daughter was in awe of the chocolate fountain and she couldn’t stop covering all of her food in chocolate. We weren’t on the boat more than 10 minutes when chocolate found its way on her white dress…and hair. Kids!! Lol.

I really appreciated how kid friendly the cruise was; there was an ice cream sundae bar, live music, a clown, and an amazing balloon maker who was making amazing creations! My daughter opted for a puppy on her wrist! Exiting the ship I felt like I was on the red carpet haha. The boat crew were lined up handing out flowers to moms AND chocolate covered strawberries!!

After the relaxing cruise we strolled along the wharf and enjoyed the beautiful Boston weather and skyline. After the rough couple of weeks I’ve had it was great to s-l-o-w down try something new and laugh and dance with my daughter.

How did you enjoy your weekend?


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7 Responses to “Weekend Wrap-up: Mother’s Day Done Right”

Awww that is beautiful. I really enjoyed my day too, staying home to do as I suggested, “Nothin'”.

admin says:

Thanks! It was such a great relaxing day…which I never get! Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

YUMMommy says:

A Mother’s Day cruise sounds fantastic! I might have to take one next year. I celebrated with my family on Saturday. We did a little bit shopping & had dinner. Then Sunday, I slept in and enjoyed the day with my kiddies.

Trice says:

Your daughter is beautiful! It sounded like the perfect Mother’s Day!

admin says:

Thank you soo much :) It was such a perfect day with the people that mean most to me!!

Diamond says:

That sounds wonderful. I wish my son and I could have went on the same cruise.

admin says:

It was a really great day, and I’m so thankful for the experience. What did you do?

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