Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Weekend

Oh how I loooove long weekends. I was counting down the hours at work on Friday ready to be set FREE! Lil Mama and I didn’t have any plans for the weekend, so we picked up and left for NYC. You see, I like a schedule; I like consistency so this spontaneous trip was seriously out of my comfort zone. But, it was to see my boo in the big apple so I went with it…and I’m glad I did, we had a ball, as we always do in NYC.

The weather was sunny and warm and Saturday was crazy muggy – but better than a weekend full of rain. We spent the majority of the weekend outdoors taking in the sites and taking advantage of all the great memorial weekend activities.

We took a ferry over to Governor’s Island and explored the historic island. There was music, crafts, and bike riding. We got a little too close to the water and got splashed!

We love love love the Night at the Museum movies so I was psyched to bring lil mama to the American Museum of Natural History. She got really excited seeing some of the same things in the museum from the movie.

I had my *first* Coldstone experience. And I WILL be going back!!

Random subway dancing at the end of the day made everyone smile.

My weekend trips to NY have been great – but I’m glad to be home. It’s a beautifully dirty city; I wanted to shower in hand sanitizer haha. But the food, oh the fooood in NYC will have me going back in a heartbeat.

That’s my weekend wrap-up. Do share your weekend highlights!!


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4 Responses to “Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Weekend”

I LOVE NYC! I haveb’t been since 2010 and I am itching to go back! BlogHer will be in New York in August so I can’t wait! Looks like you and your daughter had an awesome time! I would truly move there if it wasn’t so expensive (although I would have to live in the suburbs because I am not sure about raising little ones in the city).

admin says:

NYC is alot to process, my boyfriend lives there so I go there every couple of months. I feel so dirty lol and I wish the people were nicer, but it’s a great getaway! I’m hoping to get to BlogHer, would be great to meet you!

Sonya Lodge says:

I hear you Chica as NYC is an awesome place to visit but not sure I could live there!!! There is always something different to do or see, I’d never get anything done, lol.

admin says:

Agreed!!! And I’d probably gain wayyy too much weight :)

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