Today, I Hate CoParenting (A Vlog)

There are days that test us, challenge us and strengthen us. I have used this space in the blogosphere to share my experiences coparenting as well as providing tips and support to fellow single parents and coparents. I’ll be the first person to share that I’ve made many mistakes coparenting, but one thing remains clear: I will walk through fire and protect my daughter at all costs.

Yesterday I had a shitty day in coparenting land. I feel constantly unsupported and refuse to accept my coparent’s inconsistency as acceptable. So I vlogged about it. Yep, it’s dark. Yep, I’m crying. Yep, I have snot on my face and need a tissue. But. I. Don’t. Care. I’m mad as hell and needed to vent about it.

Today, I Hate CoParenting from Alexandra Elizabeth on Vimeo.

Every day is a choice. An opportunity to right wrongs, to learn, to grow or to choose to stay the same. The choice is up to each and every one of us. By no means am I a perfect woman or mother. But I will always, always advocate for the best interests of my daughter and protect her from anyone who threatens to play with her heart. It’s a choice I make.

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5 Responses to “Today, I Hate CoParenting (A Vlog)”

I totally just cried my eyes out! I agree that strength comes in many different forms. This vlog took me back to my childhood and how my mom struggled with five kids. Trust me, she’s going to remember who was there for her and who wasn’t as she gets older.

Right now, I know it sucks that you have to do it all by yourself, but I’m still praying for God to send you a breakthrough. In the meanwhile, hang on, know that you are enough even on those days that you want to shout at the world and know that you are instilling the right qualities in your daughter and working hard to continue to be someone she can look up to! Hugs!

admin says:

Thank you so much for watching and commenting Kerry. Means so much. I too went back to my childhood and remembered my struggling mom and it made me have much more compassion for her. I’m making a choice everyday to be better than I was yesterday and the day before that. It’s NOT easy but I know, I KNOW it will be worthwhile. šŸ™‚

Ayanna says:


My heart breaks for you. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago while searching for some inspiration from another single mom dealing with co parenting issues. I don’t know you personally but I empathize with you so very much. I appreciate you for sharing your vulnerable moment as it’s made me relate to you that much more. Co parenting with someone who you have a difficult time communicating with is one of the HARDEST things to do as you’re constantly walking a thin line between not being petty, doing what’s best for your child and trying to “teach” the other parent how to be a better parent….while only being met with constant resistance and arguments. I pray for you and your daughter and I hope your tomorrow is better than your today.

admin says:

Ayanna, I’m so happy you stumbled on my blog…I hope you like it here šŸ™‚ I was so FULL I needed to breathe before it was time to be a parent. I know from conversations with friends that I am not alone in struggling as a single parent and I wanted to show the very real, very raw side of coparenting that eats away at my heart. I was happy I felt comfortable enough to share and that people like you find comfort in my words. Happy Holidays šŸ™‚

paula schuck says:

Alexandra: I am so sorry this is happening to both of you. I don’t understand how people can be so disappointing sometimes.

I am happy to have found this blog via your Instagram channel. You sound like you are a great mom and I can’t even begin to imagine coparenting as you are with someone who disappoints your daughter, and doesn’t stand up or step up. I was raised by a single mom and we did the back an forth visits and shared custody for a bit and then my dad dropped out of our lives. He was a total deadbeat dad and that was really crappy. Plus it meant my Mom always all her life had to work super hard for us because he never ever contributed. Eventually visits stopped. From my standpoint as an adult I am glad that happened (he moved and stopped visits) because my Mom was a rock and I might not always have told her how much I loved and respected her but our bond was strong. Having just her was enough. It is one relationship that built the foundation for all others. So all I am saying is that you are doing a great job and your heart is clearly all hers. She knows it and will always know you have her back for life.

I love the positive messages you share.

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