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Event Recap: Bloom: An Event for New and Expectant Parents by Boston Moms Blog

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With nearly *gasp* 12 years between my kiddos, I very much felt like a new mom when my son was born this past February. I’ve been immersed in all things tween for years so I had to pivot and learn all about new products and gear for babies, and wow, much has changed in over a decade! So when I heard about Bloom: An Event for New and Expectant Parents hosted by Boston Moms Blog I immediately bought a ticket and welcomed an opportunity to meet with various local and national brands about all things baby!

Held at the International School of Boston in Cambridge, MA, Bloom was a partnership with City Moms Blog Network and promised an afternoon of pampering, yummy food, educational resources, giveaways and swag and connecting moms and families with relevant resources. Attendees were asked not to bring babies under a year in carriers only, due to space limitations. I left baby Hunter home with Dad for the event and attended Bloom solo, though wish I would have invited a friend!


Upon arriving I received the cutest mama bag full of amazing goodies and resources including wipes, samples and coupons. My ticket also included some raffle items and the giveaway items were great. I put all my tickets in to win a year’s supply of diapers from BJs and crossed my fingers and toes that I’d win. Oh, the money I would SAVE!

Truly geared towards expectant and new moms there were around 30 vendors focused on resources for families from doulas, to meal delivery companies to kids music classes. I’ve highlighted my favorites below:


Team Glam and Go provided *free* manicures at the event, and I jumped right in line because my nails…needed some serious TLC. Launching in August, Team Glam and Go is a mobile app aimed at providing on demand beauty services. I had a blast chatting it up with owners Annie and Kerrie and learning more about their inspiration for the company which is mission driven and supports local charities like The Greater Boston Food Bank.


Hunter will be four months next Sunday (seriously when did that happen?!) and we are super excited about introducing some pureed foods to him! HappyFamily takes our same approach to feeding him incorporating organic fruits and vegetables, nutritious ancient grains and seeds without trans fat, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or food coloring. They have products geared towards moms, babies, toddlers and kids that include formula, fruit and veggie pouches, veggie straws and teethers. Oh and their cookbook The Happy Family Organic Superfoods Cookbook For Baby & Toddler is already in my Amazon cart! It includes age appropriate recipes and tips and would be a great resource for anyone interested in homemade baby food.

I’m newly dairy free and was super happy that the Williams Family Baking Co. provided delicious sweets for attendees that included a dairy free option – hooray! Craig and Emily were great and offer mouthwatering delicacies on their menu and are available for catering.

We’re a musical family so it was great to meet Laura, the founder of Groovy Baby Music and learn about the importance of music for babies and kids. Laura has spent years researching the role music plays and offers tons of music classes around Greater Boston as well as in-school education programs, community events and private birthday parties. Most programming for infants starts at six months, but I was excited when Laura told me that I could enroll 15 week old Hunter in a class! Rock on!!

I loved learning about Nomsly a meal delivery service for kids! Get delicious and nutritious lunches delivered right to your doorstep. It’s Lunch, Simplified!

Before I left I met the lovely Ana of Lovely Pictures Studio based in Boston and she made my dark eyes disappear in my photo! Magical!! Even better? She offered free 30 minute mini sessions to attendees! Sign. Me. Upppp!!


The event wasn’t very crowded so it allowed me to have lengthy conversations with vendors. Expert panels were also available, but I spent all my time chatting so I missed that portion.

All in all, a good event, the location appealed to me because of it’s proximity to my home. The ticket price was reasonable – I paid $15 for one ticket. I appreciated the range of vendors and opportunity to leave with some goodies. Good job, Boston Moms Blog!


Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks


I’m ready for this to be over!! I have no pregnancy glow – it’s sweat. I’m sweating. All. The. Time.

It’s hard for me to fully believe I’m pregnant again. My daughter turned 11 in September and is in full tween mode. It’s hard to keep up with a growing and active kiddo, and I love it. But, geez pregnancy is exhausting!

With 24 weeks behind me and ~15 weeks left until we meet our baby I am counting down the days, hours and minutes until I get to hold him/her. We’ve surprised many friends and family by choosing not to find out the gender of the baby. With my daughter I HAD to know, but she made that pretty difficult by constantly crossing her legs. The ultrasound tech said maybe it’s a girl, but they couldn’t be sure. As much as I was seeking their confirmation, I knew I was going to have a daughter and as soon as she made her entrance into the world I screamed is it a girl?! And she sure was. I don’t feel that same urge this time around. I would love another daughter and my boyfriend (this is his first child) would love a son. He says there is too much estrogen at home with me and my daughter, lol. But I remind him that he has Logan (the dog), though he doesn’t quite think it’s the same!

I remember feeling so panicked during my pregnancy with my daughter. The unknown can be so scary. I bought way too much that the baby didn’t need and didn’t focus on the changes I would experience mentally, physically or emotionally during and after pregnancy. While the same worries are on the table this time around – maternity leave, finances, name – they don’t feel as imminent this time around. I’m sure being sick has played a role, but I’m trying to be more calm with this pregnancy.

Baby is finally kicking strong enough for other people other than me to feel him/her. Last night before bed, baby was particularly active and both my daughter and boyfriend were able to feel baby’s quick movements. My daughter, stunned and excited, stood there and started crying. It was so so sweet and made the idea of her being a big sister that much more real. She hasn’t stopped talking about her ideas for the baby shower. She is going to be such a wonderful big sister.

I know the next few months are going to fly by and we’ll be a family of five (dog included) sooner than we think. It’s exciting but also kind of scary to think of having two kids, especially with such a big gap in age. But, all I can do is take everything one day at a time and cherish these moments.

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Bristol Palin & ‘The Situation’ PSA…are you SERIOUS?!

While getting ready for work last week, I needed a bit of motivation so turned on the radio to help me along my way. In the midst of brushing my teeth one of the hosts of the station was talking about a new PSA featuring Bristol Palin and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino urging teens to “pause before they play.” I’ve never been a fan of either Bristol or Mike, but I was intrigued and watched the PSA later that morning. 
According to the press release for the PSA which first aired on November 16th through The Candies Foundation, “the underlying message of the video is that both safe sex with protection and abstinence are methods to prevent teenage pregnancy.”
The PSA horrified me on several levels, and I reached out to a friend and former teen mom and blogger, Natasha Vianna for her thoughts and reactions to the PSA:
Firstly, I wish there was a way to capture the expression on my face upon watching this “Pause before you Play” video. It was a combination of shock, disgust and suspense – because I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and tell us we have been Punk’d. In this video, Bristol Palin and “The Situation” from Jersey Shore promote that both safe sex with condoms and abstinence are methods to prevent teen pregnancy. As we are well aware, Bristol Palin is a former teen mother and for a great portion of the video, that isn’t made too clear. The Situation tells her that if she doesn’t wear a condom during sex, “You may end up with a situation, and you may not like that situation”. She responds, “I avoid  situations”. Now I know Bristol’s mother is an abstinence-only believer but does Bristol really avoid situations? Regardless, this video was not the best way to promote methods of teenage pregnancy prevention. The only messages I got from this campaign are that Bristol is a horrible actress, The Situation loves having sex, and do not watch Dancing with The Stars.
My thoughts exactly Natasha! Of all people to advocate preventing situations the best people they could come across were Bristol and Mike?? Bristol was appointed the ambassador to The Candies Foundation last year, and Mike well he’s a D list reality star, for lack of a better term. What I find extremely ironic is that Bristol is a former teen parent and told Fox News in 2009 that abstinence is “not realistic at all.”
Bristol and Mike are not in my radar and I am utterly perplexed as to why these two are constantly in the spotlight. This PSA is full of horrendous acting and childish language. When tackling an issue like teen pregnancy, there is no room for silly metaphors like situations. It’s a serious issue that needs to be addressed seriously; especially in these PSA’s which thousands of teens will see.
I’ve never watched any episodes of The Jersey Shore, but this Situation character has been splashed on TV’s and magazines for months. Doing what? Grinning while lifting up his shirt and at the same time putting gel in his hair? Pah-lease. And you want me to take advice from him? Does he even know how to spell abstinence?
Is this PSA an effective tool to urge teens to practice abstinence or safe sex? No, no, no. Bristol is basically saying, hey teens do as I say not as I do! It’s extremely laughable and she should be embarrassed. It’s funny, she’s urging teenagers not to have babies, but let’s take a look at Bristol. She’s in the spotlight, she’s ‘famous’ and she’s on Dancing with the Stars. Oh and occasionally she may have to watch her son. What message is this spreading to our highly impressionable youth?
The Candies Foundation along with Bristol and Mike were attempting to make a video that would appeal to the youth, by using simple language and even simpler acting. Society has lowered its standards when videos like these are floating across the internet. Yes, practicing safe sex with the use of condoms and birth control are effective ways of preventing teen pregnancy along with abstinence, but not from the mouths of Bristol and Mike. 
Have you seen the PSA? What are your thoughts?