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Throwback Thursday: Nintendo Gets a Makeover

This is a sponsored post. All opinions, as always are my own.


As a child of the 80s, Nintendo was an activity that my siblings and I enjoyed throughout our childhood. The gameboy is near and dear to my heart as well as the original console – man who remembers all of the tips and tricks you’d use to get your games playing? One of my favorites to keep a game down in the console was to (1) blow on the game (2) insert game in console (3) with ninja like speed nudge another game on top of it. Genius!

As I’ve grown up video games have become less and less apart of my life and my daughter hasn’t grown an unhealthy obsession with games, but I’m pretty sure all that will change. Why? Because, Nintendo got a makeover and has amazing new products and games for the young and old in your family. For my fellow Nintendo console lovers, get excited because Nintendo is releasing a retro blast from the past with the Classic Edition!! If you can believe it, the classic was first released in (my birth year) 1985 and the new classic will be out November 11, 2017 (!!!) – would be a great holiday gift for a gamer in your life!

Additionally, Nintendo has released handheld devices in 2D & 3D versions and playing games is just the beginning. With the Nintendo 2DS &  3DS XL users can:

  •         Play any Nintendo 3DS game
  •         Download games & apps
  •         Use built-in software
  •         Play multiplayer games with friends & family
  •         Enable parental controls to manage content

The Nintendo 3DS XL foldable system ($199) has some awesome additions that include browsing the web, streaming Netflix or HuluPlus, access to Youtube and the ability to create you own Mii™ characters.

Nintento 2DS

While the Nintendo 2DS ($79.99) (that we won at a Nintendo 3DS XL event!!) is another great affordable option with most capabilities of the 2DS except it doesn’t fold and users can’t stream websites.

I saw a classic console edition a few weeks ago at a store and really wanted to buy it – it’s basically a legend – but something told me not to. And clearly it’s because little did I know, the new classic will be delivered this fall!! But the real question that is burning in my mind, for all true Nintendo fans is:

Who is your favorite Super Mario Brothers character? Mario -or- Luigi?