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Get On, and Experience New York Like Never Before with The Ride!

Disclosure: I am working with to promote this event and in exchange will recieve complimentary tickets. All opinions, as always, are my own.


We’re visitng New York again and even though we’ve been visitng for year (my boyfriend lives in BK) I still feel like a tourist in the Big Apple!! For years, I’ve been wanting to take a tour of the city on one of the tour buses, with an upcoming trip to NYC next week, it’s time to take the plunge and experience THE RIDE!

THE RIDE uses New York City and its renowned landmarks as the backdrop for a theatrical event that blurs the boundary between tour and performance. The city becomes a stage, and soon you can’t tell where the street ends and the show begins!


THE RIDE gives you a front-row seat to the streets of New York City in a multi-million dollar motor coach that comes equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual technology, including 40 plasma screen TVs and over 3000 LED lights. Enjoy the performance from the comfort of one-of-a-kind stadium seating and huge panoramic windows.


While navigating a 4.2-mile midtown path, our performers and native New Yorkers alike become performers for THE RIDE, showing guests an entirely new side of New York City they can’t see anywhere else.

Whether you’re new to the city or a long-time native, you’ll find something to enjoy. I can’t WAIT to hop on this tour…even better, I get to surprise my daughter!!!

If you’re interested in enjoying the Ride – I’ve got a deal for you!! $50 OFF Your Next Party with THE RIDE! Celebrate your next party on THE RIDE and receive a $50.00 credit on your group reservation. Call 212-244-2551 x168 to reserve! Ask about our Party Packages! Visit for exclusive discounts! Expires: 10/01/2015.


What Matters Most to Me #CityBuzzNYC

As we all prepare for another busy holiday season kicking off with Thanksgiving, I have been spending a lot of time thinking. Less about what gifts I’ll be giving, and more about what and who matters most in my life. This has been a challenging year for me medically, emotionally, financially – basically in every way I’ve struggled this year. I’ve doubted myself, questioned whether or not I was a good mother, wondering my capacity as a single mother, wondering if I am smart enough to be out in the work field, and wondering if my lingering anxiety will ever subside. This has led to a lot of sleepless nights and unanswered questions.

This holiday season I am reminded on what matters most to me, which is what I knew all along. My daughter. Her happiness. Her health. Her love. Her smile. Her breathe. Her witt. Her sass. Her kindness. She provides me with such incredible insight into the world, encourages me to work harder, to push through my insecurities. She motivates me to just be as I am, and when I look into her loving brown eyes I know that the love I am providing her is enough.

CityBuzz wants to know what’s important to you, and is encouraging people to upload a picture on Instagram showcasing what matters most to them with the hashtag #citybuzzNYC. Check me out on Instagram @MsAlexandraV to see the picture I’ve chosen! One winner will be chosen in December to win:

Why this amazing opportunity? Because in the wake of Hurricane Sandy one thing remained true – NYC Matters.


NY Matters Photo Contest is sponsored by Vidicom and Citybuzz.

All this for sharing what matters most to you!! Be sure to enter by December 13th!! For more information visit City Buzz today!

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Ready or Not, Here I Come #BlogHer12

I’m off to the city that never sleep to mix and mingle with over 4,000 other bloggers for Blog Her 12. It has been an *intense* couple of weeks, and this week in particular. For instance, I had to play CSI and figure out which client was breaking into our building, I was climbing onto tables, in bushes trying to get evidence and solve the mystery. It was like real-like clue…without a murder! Crazy doesn’t even begin to describe my stress levels recently.

So much for my quiet time away from work – I’m really not sure if I’m ready for all that NYC and Blog Her has in store. The conference guide is over 40 pages long! Crazy!! The #BlogHer12 hashtag has been going non-stop with newbie’s like me having a slight panic attack about the conference and what to expect. What to wear, what to bring, to pack another bag or not. It had me close to pulling my hair out for a few reasons. One is NY scares me, too many people, and I have no idea where I’m going, and I’ll have my daughter with me. And then trying to figure out my schedule has been a nightmare – I’m pretty much overbooked on Friday and I’m not sure  how I can be everywhere I want to be on time! But, I WILL find a way!!

It’s 1am and I need to be up at 630am, and I’ve given in the towel somewhat. I know myself, I know I flourish in social situations (though I tell myself the opposite) so no more worrying about the networking piece of it, it’ll be a fantastic learning experience, I get to meet some of great blogging & tweeps in person and chop it up. This experience stopped being FUN once I got stressed, but we’re bringing FUN back into the picture, because if it’s not fun, than what’s the point?!

Am I nervous about my 1st blogging conference? Oh yes. But, I’m going in with my head held high and a smile on my face, ready for some fun and make some new friends! You can catch me on twitter @MsAlexandraV to see what I’m up too in the Big Apple.

Have a great week!