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My Family’s Strength

What makes my family strong? As part of the Strong Families Mama’s Day Our Way campaign I wrote a very honest raw post about what makes my single-parent household strong. I’ve got the heart of a lion and will continue raising my daughter in a warm loving home without a partner muting the naysayers.

From my post: “Too many times I doubted myself and my capacity to be a good mother. Far too often I let these negative thoughts creep into my thoughts, haunting me. Making me question my own strength and resilience. It was often with a shaky hand and self-doubt that I moved forward and persevered as a young single mom.” 

The goal of this campaign is to highlight the moms in our communities who are often marginalized, maligned by politicians and the media.

My post can be read in entirety on the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy  website and also the Strong Families website.

My post talks about what makes my family strong, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. What makes your family strong?


MA Alliance Teen Pregnancy Prevention PSA Contest!

I am so thrilled to be part of the MA Alliance community serving as a member of their Teen Parent Policy Advisory Board (TPPAB) and contributing blogger on their blog, The Pushback. The mission of The Pushback is to push back against all that ignorance, bitterness, and prejudice and show what young parenthood really looks like.” One of the areas myself and other bloggers have talked about are the lack of quality PSA’s [public service announcements] aimed at preventing teen pregnancy. Who can forget the disastrous Pause Before You Play PSA with Bristol Palin & The Situation. 
So when I heard about the Alliance’s PSA contest, I was PSYCHED! Details below:
In preparation for the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy on May 4, 2011, they are holding their 1st Annual Teen Pregnancy Prevention PSA Contest!  Create your own ad on why and/or how we should work to prevent teen pregnancy. Drawing on personal experience is encouraged!
The winners will receive (drumroll, please…) 1st Place: $100 gift certifcate to! (2nd Place will get $50, 3rd Place will get $30).
Here are the rules:
  1. Your PSA should be accurate. If you cite statistics, you should be able to let us know where you got them from and be confident that they are correct.
  2. Your PSA should not diminish the capabilities, potential, or hard work of those that do become young parents.
  3. No scare tactics, please!  Young people deserve better.
  4. We believe young people have the right to information about their sexual health and how to prevent pregnancy.  PSAs that focus exclusively on abstinence are discouraged (though focusing on abstinence in part is totally fine!)
  5. We want PSAs generated by youth and young adults!  We’re defining that as under age 25.  If you work in a group, at least 1/2 the group should be under age 25.
So, get your creative ideas flowing! Print ads, images, and videos are all accepted.  You can send them to Gretchen by April 28.  Submissions will be posted here and readers will have the chance to vote on them the week of May 2, with winners announced the following week.
If you could create the ideal Teen Pregnancy Prevention PSA what would it look like? What would it need to connect with teens?
I’m excited to get my creative hat on this weekend creating my PSA! I encourage all of you to submit and/or pass on to friends who you think would be interested!
Happy Friday!


Teen Parent Lobby Day 2011

Last week was the annual Teen Parent Lobby Day at the Boston State House hosted by The Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy. I am a member of the Teen Parent Advisory Board (TPPAB) through The Alliance and we were given the opportunity to speak at Lobby Day and share part of our stories about the challenges of being teen parents.
*above is video from Lobby Day
Lobby Day was inspiring and motivating, but a message we wanted to rely to the audience of over 700 teen parents and teen parent programs across the state is that, “the journey is ongoing. While all of the TPPAB members have pursued higher education & gained some form of stability, we still face struggles & hardships every day, & continue fighting the fight of being young parents because we want more for ourselves. More for our children.”
Read my post Making Hisotry: Teen Parent Lobby Day 2011 HERE over at The Pushback!