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A Life full of Plan B’s

Plan A: Graduate from College #1

Plan B: Graduate from College #3

Plan A: Keep my job throughout my pregnancy

Plan B:  Fired not even 1/2 way through my pregnancy

Plan A: Sexy sleek black small SUV…fully loaded

Plan B: 1996Toyota Camry

Plan A: First apartment = Complete Awesomeness

Plan B: First apartment=1 bedroom hole in the wall

Plan A: SuperMom

Plan B: Often annoyed aggravated- due- to –lack- of- sleep Mom

Plan A: Together Forever with my daughter’s father

Plan B: Try to have a mature understanding for the sake of our daughter

Plan A: Single life, no kids, gorgeous loft apartment, fly car, hott bod

Plan B: Kid at 19, ok apartment, crappy car, and not so hott bod

Plan A: Perfect Family = Mom, Dad, Kids

Plan B: Family = Mom + Daughter


Let’s be honest, it can be downright annoying when things don’t go as planned! We plan, we schedule, we’ve got everything in a little box, have tied a ribbon, and then someone comes along and opens it and throws the stuff around. Annoying! But…not the end of the world!

My life has been all about Plan Bs. I’ve always had an idea of how I wanted to do things and where I wanted my life to go. Then BAM! Life instantly changes, and all I can do to try to find my balance with the new changes. And as soon as I get some

stability and create new visions for my future BAM, this roller coaster of a life heads down around and to the side and I once again have to find my ground. Funny how life has a way of constantly changing. And yet, change is one of the things I fear.

What I have yet to fully understand, is that these Plan Bs are not Plan Bs…they are what was meant to be for my life. All that has happened, all the pain I have gone through, all the bs I had to deal with, all the people I have met along the way…it’s all happened for a reason and has brought me to the place I am today. If I never would have given my daughter’s father my number, I would never been able to meet my beautiful beautiful daughter.

So I’ll still create visions for my futures, but recognize that what will be, will be.

And all I can do is prepare myself for the journey.


life purpose

What’s your life purpose?

Have you ever thought about your purpose in life? I took a class last year that helped me think about this quite complex question. Through the following exercise we were able to help understand what our purpose was.

I often find myself drifting. I’m overworked and so always stressing that I forget to think about my goals. I’m just moving through the motions of life, almost like a robot. It’s not something I’m proud of, but at least I acknowledge it. This exercise was huge for me. I mean in my head I knew what I wanted to do when I grow up, I knew what group of people I want to help, and I know that I want to change the world.
But seeing the words on paper. Reading it out loud…it then suddenly came to life. It gave me goosebumps.

My life came to life.

Here are the steps, and be sure to take your time when coming up with the answer. and know that there is no right answer. This is YOUR life purpose.

1. List two of your unique personal traits

2. List one or two ways you enjoy expressing those qualities when interacting with others

3. Assume the world is perfect right now. What does the world look like? How is everyone interacting with everyone else? What does it feel like? Write your answer in a statement, in the present tense, describing the ultimate condition, the perfect world as you see it and feel it. Remember, a perfect world is a fun place to live.

4. Combine the prior three subdivisions into a single statement.

My combined statement is:
My purpose is to use my determination and diligence to inspire and motivate others to support each other, love freely, and become a part of their community.

So have fun with this exercise, and let me know what you come up with!!