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Pine-Sol® When Life Gets Tough, Women Rise Above It

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Pine-Sol and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions, as always are my own.

 Las Mujeres No Se Rinden LOGO SPANISH

As the Mother to a young daughter I strive to be a good role model to my daughter, even when the going gets tough. Actually – I think my daughter learns about my resilience and strength through times of weakness. All that she has learned I hope will assist her in growing up to be a kind and remarkable woman. Speaking of remarkable woman, I’ve teamed up with the makers of Pine-Sol® and activist Rosie Perez to talk about the remarkable woman we are, and those we know and look up too with their When Life Gets Tough, Women Rise Above It campaign. Pine-Sol® has already awarded a $25,000 donation to Women Empowered, a nonprofit based in Los Angeles that connects, educates and supports women of all ages and backgrounds, inspiring them to give back to their communities.

I recently wrote a post over at The Young Mommy Life talking about my resilience. I think my times of resilience have made me remarkable. Wait – did I just give myself a compliment? Go me! Seriously, we as women have had to be flexible and we go through hardships, and we survive – better, stronger, wiser. Women are remarkable…it’s in our DNA. Having a child at 19 and thriving through the hardships that surrounded being a teenage parent have been difficult. But looking over my life I believe what has made me triumphant in the face of adversity is my ability to fight forward. Of course when challenges face us it’s easy to cave in, to let it consume you. But is that the legacy you want to leave? Is that really who you are? It may have taken me time to muster up the strength, but I have always fought my way through struggle and hardships. Unsure of my next steps, but never complacent with being still. My fighter mentality (all mental never physical!) is something I hope my daughter will see and pick up because it’s given me the strength and confidence to live MY life.

Pine-Sol® wants to hear your story of triumph and wants to reward you for it as well! Enter the Pine-Sol® sweepstakes today by visiting or By sharing your story you’ll have a chance at winning one of the following prizes:

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There are such great stories of women being remarkable and triumphant in our history’s past – and we as women and mothers have a strength that is truly remarkable! Head over to to hear other stories and get inspired!

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What makes me Fierce: Traveling Blue Wig Project


It’s not every day I get mailed a blue wig to accompany a blog post. The folks over at Clever Girls Collective and the Fierce Fund have created the Traveling Blue Wig Project which wants to know – what makes you fierce? It’s an invitation I sure wasn’t going to turn down, as being fierce has no standard definition and could mean different things to different people. To be able to share my story with other bloggers as a way to encourage and inspire women and girls is right up my alley.

We all have our own stories of strength, of being fierce and completely kicking-ass, and the Fierce Fund highlights these powerful stories and this year will donate $20,000 to support a nonprofit initiative that celebrates, elevates, and encourages women and girls. Click here to vote for the nonprofit you think should receive this year’s #FierceFund donation.

So…what makes me fierce? It’s a hard question for me because I’m never one to look positively at what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve persevered through difficult times. I’m too quick to see the negative and get down on myself. But, it’s pretty clear that one thing over the years has made me super fierce. My daughter has lit a fierceness in me I never knew I had. Giving birth to her at 19 was….something I didn’t forsee in my future as a teen, but I know now I was meant to mother her at that age.

bluewig collage2

There is no giving up, it’s not an option. I strive every day to be my best, most fiercest me, and in the process I’m setting an example to my daughter. Doors have closed in my face over the years, at many times there was no one who believed in me – no one encouraging me to continue to strive and succeed. I had times (as I still do now) where I question my present and future – am I making the right decisions? Am I doing right by my daughter? As much as I question my life – I continue to move forward, now less worried about the final destination, and concerned more about enjoying the journey. I have a unique skill set, I was meant to mother my daughter, I have a purpose, and I matter. That’s what makes me fierce. Is that I’m unapolgetically me. I make mistakes, I’m imperfect, I strive to do my best, and I continue moving forward regardless of the obstacles in my way. And because of this I’m fierce. A quote I refer to often when I’m feeling unsure about my purpose is:

“You weren’t an accident. You weren’t mass produced. You aren’t an assembly-line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on the Earth by the Master Craftsman” – Max Lucado, Best-selling author

There can only be you. Share your story. Believe in yourself. Trust your journey. Be fierce.


What Matters Most to Me #CityBuzzNYC

As we all prepare for another busy holiday season kicking off with Thanksgiving, I have been spending a lot of time thinking. Less about what gifts I’ll be giving, and more about what and who matters most in my life. This has been a challenging year for me medically, emotionally, financially – basically in every way I’ve struggled this year. I’ve doubted myself, questioned whether or not I was a good mother, wondering my capacity as a single mother, wondering if I am smart enough to be out in the work field, and wondering if my lingering anxiety will ever subside. This has led to a lot of sleepless nights and unanswered questions.

This holiday season I am reminded on what matters most to me, which is what I knew all along. My daughter. Her happiness. Her health. Her love. Her smile. Her breathe. Her witt. Her sass. Her kindness. She provides me with such incredible insight into the world, encourages me to work harder, to push through my insecurities. She motivates me to just be as I am, and when I look into her loving brown eyes I know that the love I am providing her is enough.

CityBuzz wants to know what’s important to you, and is encouraging people to upload a picture on Instagram showcasing what matters most to them with the hashtag #citybuzzNYC. Check me out on Instagram @MsAlexandraV to see the picture I’ve chosen! One winner will be chosen in December to win:

Why this amazing opportunity? Because in the wake of Hurricane Sandy one thing remained true – NYC Matters.


NY Matters Photo Contest is sponsored by Vidicom and Citybuzz.

All this for sharing what matters most to you!! Be sure to enter by December 13th!! For more information visit City Buzz today!

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