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Taking the High Road While Co-Parenting During The Holidays



My daughter couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. Together we’ve started decorating our home, a big red bow on our door, Christmas lights adorn our entertainment center, and Christmas carols help us get ready in the morning. A crucial piece of the holidays is the presence of her co-parent, who isn’t my biggest fan. Being involved in a high-conflict co-parenting relationship during the holidays isn’t always so fun. It often causes headaches and additional stress – and who really needs any additional stress at this time of year? Taking the high road to co-parenting during the holidays can be really tough, and requires you to stop thinking so much about yourself, and more about your child’s happiness.

During the season of joy and happiness, I spend a lot of time thinking about how best to communicate with my co-parent during the holidays. I find it hard to swallow my immense dislike for his usual unreliability and disrespect and assume he’ll play more a role in our daughter’s like during the holidays. But I try—for our daughter. For awhile I really thought the love of my family could blanket her heart with all the love she would ever need. I completely disregarded her father’s side of the family, every last one, based on her grandfather’s behavior and our continuously rocky relationship. I didn’t take into account the love they all shared for our daughter, and held them all accountable for her father’s behavior. Our daughter is amazing, and no I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom. There is something so wonderful about being in her presence, in seeing her smile, in being part of her warmth. She is lucky to have so many people who love her and want to spend time with her. And since I love her more than I dislike them, I take the high road during the holidays.

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Get in the Holiday Spirit with Target Men’s Ugly Sweater Gear! #hilariousholiday

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Last year my first year throwing an ugly sweater party. I remember going shopping with a friend of mine to find the ugliest sweaters for the party and it was pure hilarity! Clearly ugly sweaters aren’t just worn in the movies! I ended up rocking a black poncho with snowflakes and reindeer of course. I jazzed it up with some colorful bell earrings and looked super sweet in my ugly sweater!

Luckily ugly sweaters have become a fun opportunity for people to get a little silly around the holidays. With all the stress that envelopes the holidays, people need to get silly! Target Men wants guys to get in the holiday season and have come out with their own ugly sweater line of clothing and accessories.


Not like I needed another reason to love Target, but this line is so fun, what’s not love and appreciate! I headed into my local store to take a look at the items in person and they sure didn’t disappoint.

 PicMonkey Collage

 These are amazing!!!! But, the question is whom would you gift with one of these beauties? A spouse? Coworker? A yankee swap gift? At work we have a yankee swap at work – but it’s all females in our development office. The flasks are pretty cool and they may make a gift for a guy friend of mine this year – who can resist them?

Anyone else love this Target Men’s line as much as me? The line makes me wanna bust out my ugly sweater and have another paaaatayyy!


Get Your Shop On With Kmart and Sears Free In Store Pick Up Program

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FREESTOREPICKUP-SearsKmart Free Store Pickup

With just 20 days until Christmas, the pressure is on to go out and shop for your friends and family. It really does feel like the holidays are the busiest time of the year! Between holiday parts, baking, decorating our house and seeing our family December always rushes by in our house. While I usually feel a lot of panic during this time of year rushing to get presents and stocking stuffers I was a bit proactive and purchased many gifts over the past couple of months (go me!) to save me the headache of trekking to the stores this month. My shopping early has proved to be a stress saver around such a generally stressful time of year.

If you are still purchasing presents this December, there is a way to make shopping at this time of year a bit less stressful – and that’s with FREE in store pickup of items. Both Sears and Kmart offer free in store pickup, letting you shop thousands of gifts online in the comfort of your own home before picking up your items in store in 5 minutes guaranteed (or whenever you’re ready). With in store pickup you’ll avoid lines, busy stores and the wasted time of walking down every aisle. The bow on top: You can have a friend or relative pick up your order and pay in store with cash, if you prefer. Which is awesome when your rushing to get kids to and from places!

FREE in store pickup at Sears and Kmart is a win-win during the holidays, and you should indeed try it out over the next few weeks! Now, what to do with all that free time you saved…. :-) Perhaps volunteering at a shelter, making gingerbread house, or maybe it’s as simple as putting your feet up with a warm cup of hot chocolate….yup that sounds nice! Learn more about FREE in store pickup by visiting Sears: and Kmart:


Celebrating Christmas As A Single Mom


With Christmas just 22 days away, I feel an unusual sense of calm this year. This will be my sixth Christmas as a single mom, and I think I’ve finally gotten to a stable place in my life where I can balance the additional bells and whistles of Christmas with everyday life. And I’ve learned not to expect anyone else, even my co-parent to step up and participate during the holiday season.

I look at my life now – a full-time job, a college degree, a nice apartment in a good city, Christmas presents hiding out in my closet…and I get goosebumps. Things but a few years ago weren’t so seemingly put together.

Being a single parent has required me to be extremely creative during the holidays, even to get the most basic of items. I watch every dollar that comes in, and now paying my student loans off there hasn’t always been a lot, if any, extra funds to spend during the holidays.

I didn’t grow up with a lavish Christmas; it was the opposite in our house. With four kids, and often foster kids, a single mom working at times with two jobs, we were happy for what we had at the end of the day – each other. And when I became a mom there was a sense of excitement to have an extravagant Christmas, for her Dad and I to really provide for her what we didn’t have ourselves. And then I struggled being a single mom and that dream seemed further from my grasp.

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Kick-Off the Holidays with 90+ Cellars & Drink Great Wine for Less!


I’m no wine connoisseur, but over the years I’ve become quite fond of a nice sweet glass of wine. Even though more than two glasses has me dozing off, wine is my drink of choice and perfect around the holidays. I’ve always wanted to attend a wine tasting and awaken my palate to different flavors, as I’ve been drinking the same wine for years! Change is hard!! This past Sunday, thanks to the Boston Bloggers group I had the opportunity to experience some great wine at Dante Restaurant in Cambridge hosted by the folks at Boston based 90+ Cellars wine.


The event was a kick-off to the holidays and highlighted eight 90+ Cellars wines and pairing suggestions. As someone who hasn’t ever considered pairing wine with specific foods, I found their tips really helpful and gave me a new perspective on wine! My two favorite wines that I tasted were the smooth Riesling and bubbly Prosecco. As I think about upcoming holiday celebrations their Prosecco is definitely one I’d like to invite to the party!

In addition to the great atmosphere, yummy bites, and great wine I had the opportunity to meet a few people from 90+ Cellars including Brett Vankoski, Vice President and Co-Founder, Jeannie Hannigan, Marketing Manager, and Adjovi Koene, Regional Account Manager. All were so friendly and engaging and helped me better understand why 90+ Cellars wine is so great – in addition to the taste! Buying wine can be overwhelming and the price tags on some can be quite intimidating. 90+ Cellars believes that great wine shouldn’t leave your pockets empty – you can have great quality wine at an affordable price! Their motto (which is so fitting) is that their wine has a Saturday night taste with a Tuesday night price! Amazing!!! I don’t know about you but with the holidays coming up and expenses with raising a daughter – money is tight. But that doesn’t mean I should have to sacrifice some good bubbly, especially around the holidays!

About 90+ Cellars: It’s been our goal to seek out, bottle and deliver fine wine that costs you less money.  The landscape has changed, but our mission has not. We partner with highly respected wineries around the globe to provide you with wine that will keep more dollars in your pocket and impress the pants off your friends. Great Wine. Anytime. 

Oh and did I mention they have a wine club? Wine….delivered to your door? I’m so hooked!! With 56 varieties of wine listed on their site ranging from $12 – $30 there is something for everyone, that won’t break the bank! So this holiday season (or anytime) consider choosing 90+ Cellars wine and have some great wine at a great price!

Suggestions from 90+ Cellars on how to pair some of their wines!

Suggestions from 90+ Cellars on how to pair some of their wines!

Disclosure: No compensation was received for writing this post. I’m a fan of 90+ Cellars and wanted to share their goodness with my readers!