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LET’S GET REAL… HEALTHY! Realistic Steps to Living the Fit Life (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of “Let’s Get Real” a guest post from my friend Erin Berry Scott! She is on the blog sharing some tips on living a healthier lifestyle with advice that we can all use and implement! She’s already shared that we need to set priorities, educate ourselves and find what moves us, and to get help and engage others. Read below to check out her final tips!

This is a biggie! In fact, this is where I spend most of my time and energy when it comes to living the fit life! Deciding to begin and commit to a new workout when you are not in the habit of working out regularly is HUGE. For some, that kind of commitment level tends to bring people to a pretty serious place mentally and emotionally: “I have no other choice but to make this change…my life depends on it.” That is a LOT of pressure! The wellness journey is a life-long one. Having an attitude of lightness and positivity will make the journey all the more pleasant. Having a sense of humor about your fitness journey is helpful in two ways:

1) laughing is a stress-reliever!! The simple act of smiling almost always puts you in a good mood!! Stress is one of those, what I call, “silent saboteurs” to fitness and wellness goals. I know so many people work really hard in their workouts, stay hydrated, keeping an eye on their eating habits and portions and… nothing. They feel stuck. They are stuck. Upon further investigation, it is the stressors in their lives that are contributing to their slow crawl towards their goals.

2) Having a sense of humor and laughing at yourself along the way actually helps you stick with it!! Believe it or not, I have students in my fitness classes that come to just have fun (and I believe to hear my jokes!) and realize only after the fact, they got an incredible workout. Did they nail every punch and kick with precision and power? Probably not every one. But they stuck with it, continued to get better and better until their form and coordination had improved. Because they are able to just let go, not fret over the errors and just have fun with it, they automatically improve. For some people, their lives are SO FULL this is the only time in their day they have to experience joy! That blows my mind! They come to my classes consistently and that yields results. If someone were to get all hung up on thoughts like, “oh, I have two left feet. The moves are too fast. I’ll never nail it like you. I missed that punch. My jumping jacks are lame. Squats are haaaaaaaard,” they would see little success. If, however, they approach their workout with an attitude of “Haha! Did you see that 1-legged jack I just did?! I just invented a new move for ya, Erin!” or “Squats = jello legs!!” it puts a positive spin on, what can often be, a tough journey.

Know that all of these steps are realistic and effective–when addressed one at a time or in a step-wise fashion. Did you ever try to hop with two feet up a flight of stairs? Pretty challenging…but when you place one foot on each step at a time, you were able to climb the flight of stairs with much more ease.
Changing too much at once is a recipe for disaster. Determine your priorities first and figure out when and for how long you are free to commit to fitness. Do some homework and find what kinds of fitness styles work for you. Once you’ve nailed down a program/system, get help sticking with it. Support is huge–people will be able to better help you stick with it once you know what it is you’re doing. Lastly, protect your positive attitude and outlook. Belief–or lack of–can surely guarantee success–or failure. The benefits of having a light-hearted attitude about it all go far beyond simply sticking with a program that will get you to your goals. A little bit each day is sure to realistically move you towards a healthier, happier life!

THANKS to Erin for her expertise and advice. I’m all about living a healthier lifestyle and these tips were just what I needed to fulfill my goals!!

About Erin: Erin Scott (BSc, cPT) lives in Boston, MA with her husband, Steve, and 9 year old dog, Angel, who are the center of her world. She is an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, teaching high-energy classes such as Turbo Kick and PiYo Strength throughout the Boston-area. Erin is the founder of SillyFit and enjoys being an Independent Team Beachbody Coach–helping others become physically and financially fit. She also holds an ACE Personal Trainer certificate and is listed as a certified fitness professional with IDEA FitnessConnect. Erin has always had a passion for lifting others up and helping people see their fullest potential. She is always looking to learn more, improve and grow…and pass it on! When she’s not teaching, training or coaching, Erin is a neuroscientist–researching psychiatric disorders, spending time with her friends, family and loved-ones, serving her neighborhood and community, dancing, bowling, enjoying music and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams–especially the Red Sox. You can connect with Erin by EmailFacebook, and Twitter.