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What makes me Fierce: Traveling Blue Wig Project


It’s not every day I get mailed a blue wig to accompany a blog post. The folks over at Clever Girls Collective and the Fierce Fund have created the Traveling Blue Wig Project which wants to know – what makes you fierce? It’s an invitation I sure wasn’t going to turn down, as being fierce has no standard definition and could mean different things to different people. To be able to share my story with other bloggers as a way to encourage and inspire women and girls is right up my alley.

We all have our own stories of strength, of being fierce and completely kicking-ass, and the Fierce Fund highlights these powerful stories and this year will donate $20,000 to support a nonprofit initiative that celebrates, elevates, and encourages women and girls. Click here to vote for the nonprofit you think should receive this year’s #FierceFund donation.

So…what makes me fierce? It’s a hard question for me because I’m never one to look positively at what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve persevered through difficult times. I’m too quick to see the negative and get down on myself. But, it’s pretty clear that one thing over the years has made me super fierce. My daughter has lit a fierceness in me I never knew I had. Giving birth to her at 19 was….something I didn’t forsee in my future as a teen, but I know now I was meant to mother her at that age.

bluewig collage2

There is no giving up, it’s not an option. I strive every day to be my best, most fiercest me, and in the process I’m setting an example to my daughter. Doors have closed in my face over the years, at many times there was no one who believed in me – no one encouraging me to continue to strive and succeed. I had times (as I still do now) where I question my present and future – am I making the right decisions? Am I doing right by my daughter? As much as I question my life – I continue to move forward, now less worried about the final destination, and concerned more about enjoying the journey. I have a unique skill set, I was meant to mother my daughter, I have a purpose, and I matter. That’s what makes me fierce. Is that I’m unapolgetically me. I make mistakes, I’m imperfect, I strive to do my best, and I continue moving forward regardless of the obstacles in my way. And because of this I’m fierce. A quote I refer to often when I’m feeling unsure about my purpose is:

“You weren’t an accident. You weren’t mass produced. You aren’t an assembly-line product. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on the Earth by the Master Craftsman” – Max Lucado, Best-selling author

There can only be you. Share your story. Believe in yourself. Trust your journey. Be fierce.


Hyundai Santa Fe’s Epic Playdate Weekend

My daughter is my right hand. Where I am, she’ll be. Working fulltime and being a single mom is no joke, and I always feel like I never spend as much time with the little one during the week as I would like too. So we LIVE for the weekend adventures together. Whether it’s visiting a museum, catching a new movie, painting pottery, or making a yummy meal in the kitchen – the weekend is when she and I get to tighten out bond as mother and daughter and go out and have a great time!

We seem to find fun and laughter in anything we do even if it’s a walk along the beautiful bike path near our home. If you were to ask my daughter what her IDEAL playdate would be I’m sure it would include three things: music, water, and food! The girl LOVES to eat, swim, and dance! My ideal playdate would actually probably include the same. I live for Summer weekends where we pack up and head to the beach for the day. Basking in the warm summer rays, we bury each other in sand and big waves, and I get to disconnect from all forms of technology for a day…it’s heaven!

So what’s your ideal playdate with your kid(s)? Hyundai’s Epic Playdate Weekend ( is on April 27 from 9am – 5pm in Santa Barbara, CA. Bloggers (e.g., Dooce, Mighty Girl, Oh Happy Day, Oh Joy, Say Yes To Hoboken, Girls Gone Child, BoingBoing, and How To Be A Dad) are camping on the beach and hosting epic workshops for kids, e.g., ice cream sundae bar, paint fight, kids’ photography class, hula-hooping workshop, and more! Umm, sounds amazing, I wish we could go, I’m sure my daughter would have a blast!!

Wanna win a trip for four to Hyundai’s Epic Playdate Weekend? Entering is easy (Pinterest account needed), so head over to and get all the details to this amazing opportunity! Mandatory for entry: be sure to mention ‘Clever Girls Collective” when the forms asks How did you hear about us? I love easy to enter sweepstakes!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Hyundai Santa Fe: Families Who Rock!

This post is brought to you by The New Santa Fe from Hyundai. Think your family rocks? Show us by uploading a photo of your family rocking out. Enter now for a chance to win great prizes.
I am convinced that in another life I was a hip-hop singer/dancer. HA! No, I’m serious! Anyone who spends any time with my daughter and I know we have larger than life personalities, and are constantly singing or dancing. A friend of mine recently asked me….aren’t you ever stressed? To which I laughed and replied, yes of course I am, but there is a time for that. When I’m around my friends and people I care about I want them to feel joy and happiness. Sadness can be spread, as can happiness. So I try to exude a brightness that it’s impossible to ignore!

Daughter won’t wake up for school? Here comes Mom in her room singing a song to get her up. Stressed at work? You’ll find me singing Christmas tunes at my desk! Friday night at home with lil mama? You’ll walk into our self-made ‘club’ complete with 2 amazing dancers hehe. There is no limit to the fun we have. Not only are we releasing tension, we are enjoying each other’s company as mother and daughter.

Music is such a huge part of my life, it helps me express myself, it expresses through its composed lyrics and beat what I am unable to put into words. Music heals.

I know my family rocks! Does yours? Hyundai Santa Fe & Rolling Stone are looking for other families who ROCK too! Do your values include kindness, loud singing, or practical jokes? Then this contest is for you! Click HERE to enter the contest by uploading a photo of your family demonstrating for you rock along with 500 words or less about your family.
The sweeeet winners will get a photo shoot with Rolling Stone featuring the winning image shot by an industry photographer, airfare, hotel and transportation to the 55th Grammy Awards, and a fully tricked-out Hyundai Santa Fe custom rock ‘n’ roller. Be sure to enter soon, the contest ends December 14, 2012!!

Here is our family’s photo to show how much we rock! Our motto: Just Dance!

Oh and keep rocking :-)

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.