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LET’S GET REAL… HEALTHY! Realistic Steps to Living the Fit Life (Part 1)

I have a confession. I desperately want to be in super awesome kickass shape…but I’m lazy when it comes to working out. Juggling being a single mom, employee, and women I always put myself last – which means I don’t put in the time to exercise and eat healthy. Oh I need to work out. Oh I should be eating better. Oh I shouldn’t have that second cupcake. These are the various things I tell myself, knowing that I need to be working out and eating better, but it seems like my health and wellness gets put aside,  after a long day at work the last thing I want to do is exercise! I want to kick my feet up and crack open a bottle of wine! While this is awesome, it’s not going to help me live a healthy lifestyle!

I’m so so happy to have a guest blogger and friend, Erin Scott,  for  part one of “LET’S GET REAL… HEALTHY! Realistic Steps to Living the Fit Life.” Over the course of 2 posts Erin will share 5 tips to get up, get active, and start living a healthier lifestyle. I met Erin last year and I was so drawn to her amazingly positive personality and outlook on fitness and exercise, and knew I wanted her to share with us all some tips about being healthy. Erin isn’t about any quick fixes, she is about LIFESTYLE changes, and knows that you have to put in the work to get the results you want. Erin reminds me when I’m feeling discouraged that my fitness goals ARE attainable, and I dont have to feel alone on the journey. So welcome Erin, and take it away!!!

Let’s face it… Life is… FULL. So how the HECK do we even begin make it all work?

Fantastic question and “make it all work” is not exactly the question I wish to answer here. I will, however, share how we can start to take the steps that will help us lead healthier, happier lives.  Happiness looks different to every person. One of the ways that we can have room for the things that bring us joy is by focusing on our overall health and wellbeing (hey, doctors visits, trips to the pharmacy, sick days from work, can add up to a lot of time lost!).

It’s been my feeling for quite some time–and remains my belief–that fitness and wellness is for everyone. Not just any ol’ fitness & wellness, but FUN, ENJOYABLE lifestyle choices and habits that can lead to a healthier and happier life!

In her New York Times Best-selling book, PUSH, my fit-life mentor, Chalene Johnson has a fantastic approach to helping busy people not only live the life they deserve, but also really help them organize their lives based on their priorities. Determine your priorities (i.e. time with family, time for work, time for yourself), schedule them as best as you can into your life first…then identify the time to incorporate fitness activities. This will take some time and adjustment, but you’ll find that you will stress less, while still managing to make time for exercise and eating well.

The workout that you enjoy is going to be the workout program you stick to. Whether that means motivating yourself with high-energy music to get you pushing harder or total silence so you can focus on your form, find what motivates you to move. Try different fitness classes. Read articles on the hottest new fitness trends. Check out fitness-related meet-ups in your area that might give you an opportunity to try something new. Explore home-workout options. This, too, will take a little time to adjust and experiment with, but well worth doing the initial homework and research.

Through my facebook page and my website, one of the many things I do is regularly host fitness and wellness “challenge groups” and virtually coach people to achieving their fitness goals. Participants are personally challenged (it is not a competition with other members of the group) to commit to a workout, focus on certain aspects of nutrition, check in with me and the group regularly and track their progress. My challenge group challengers have found incredible success with this formula. Why? Because they are not alone in the journey and they also become motivated by the progress they are seeing. As you embark on a fitness and wellness journey… avoid becoming an island. Seek out people who are either professionally in a position to help or people in your life who care about you and will be willing to hold you to the goals you set for yourself.

Yes, yes, yes! I love that Erin’s first 3 tips are completely doable and all about finding what will work best for YOU! Stay tuned for LET’S GET REAL… HEALTHY! Realistic Steps to Living the Fit Life (Part 2) coming tomorrow!!

About Erin: Erin Scott (BSc, cPT) lives in Boston, MA with her husband, Steve, and 9 year old dog, Angel, who are the center of her world. She is an AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, teaching high-energy classes such as Turbo Kick and PiYo Strength throughout the Boston-area. Erin is the founder of SillyFit and enjoys being an Independent Team Beachbody Coach–helping others become physically and financially fit. She also holds an ACE Personal Trainer certificate and is listed as a certified fitness professional with IDEA FitnessConnect. Erin has always had a passion for lifting others up and helping people see their fullest potential. She is always looking to learn more, improve and grow…and pass it on! When she’s not teaching, training or coaching, Erin is a neuroscientist–researching psychiatric disorders, spending time with her friends, family and loved-ones, serving her neighborhood and community, dancing, bowling, enjoying music and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams–especially the Red Sox. You can connect with Erin by Email, Facebook, and Twitter.