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I’m a Guest Contributor at The Cubicle Chick!

This blogging journey has been pretty spectacular. Through writing I’ve been able to connect with readers who have turned into friends. I’ve been given opportunities that have helped to support my family, and I’ve been able to heal. I write to help myself heal. Blogging has been an amazing platform to share my voice and make connections, and I’ve been working on spreading my voice through other blogs.

When I saw a guest contributor position open at the lifestyle blog The Cubicle Chick I immediately ignored it – this dynamic blog has thousands of readers, me and my little blog stood no chance. Then I had to take a step back and think about why I’m blogging in the first place – and I reconsidered applying. You see I have this terrible terrible habit of not giving myself enough credit. I immediately count myself out before I try. I’m working through why I limit myself so much, because it’s quite debilitating.

But in this case I threw out my insecurities and applied. I’ve been a fan of Danyelle of The Cubicle Chick for years, and really admire her juggling parenthood and blogging. She must have received hundreds of applications I thought…but then I got an email back saying she’d like me to join as a contributor! I almost didn’t believe what I was reading! I’m super pleased to announce I’m now a guest contributor focusing co-parenting!!


Click HERE to read my first post titled: Three Ways to Cooperatively Co-Parent During the School Year.

Happy Monday!


Yours truly featured in Jet Magazine!!

It’s always great to get recognition for your work, and I sure did receive it by being featured in  the May 14th issue of Jet Magazine!! So run, don’t walk, to see the feature on page 34 that highlights myself and four other bloggers who speak specifically to black motherhood.  I realized I was featured over the weekend while I was in NYC and I had to go to 5 stores before I got mt hands on the mag!!!

My daughter has been featured in a couple of magazines, and I’ve been in a few local newspapers, but I’ve never gotten the exposure of being in a national magazine! I’ve already gotten a lot of great response and have ‘met’ people on twitter who saw the feature and wanted to connect with me. Awesome!!!

It was cool to be featured with my pal Kerry from YUMMommy, as she’s not only a fellow blogger, but a friend.

Another big shoutout to Sarah from OneStarryNight for the killer design that took my new blog to the next level!

Onwards & Upwards!!


I’ve been gone for a minute, but now im back in the jumpoff

Let me talk to ya’ll for a minute…
So I know I haven’t been blogging very much lately. What happened? Life. I get overwhelmed very easy and realized I had way too much on my plate. See, I’m what you like to call an overachiever. I like to be involved in as much as possible, but doing everything I easily forgot about myself. I was having daily breakdowns holding it all in. Not good. I recently reached out to my mama and confided in her about some of my troubles, which felt really good, and not something I’ve ever done. I realized that I don’t have to carry around all this baggage with me, and I’m lucky to have a few close friends whom I know will support me.
So I took a step back from blogging and twitter for awhile. I felt like I was forcing it a bit. I got caught up and forgot the reason why I created Mommy Glow. I created this blog to document my travels as I navigate being a mom, an employee, a student, a young woman. This was a place to share my lows, my highs, my accomplishments and challenges. To gain support from others and at the same time support others, to show that young mommies are competent and not failures!
But somewhere somehow I got caught up. It all started seeming to be a game, a game I didn’t want to play. This whole follow me and I’ll follow you business rubs me the wrong way. Started feeling like it was all about numbers to some bloggers. But I soon learned that a high follow rate does not mean a lot of support or quality information. I felt like I was slacking, I wasn’t getting enough followers, I wasn’t going after sponsorship or hosting giveaways or teaming with companies. While my hope is to grow my blog, I want to do so in a way that is genuine to me. I want people to follow Mommy Glow because they like what I write, not because they want me to follow their blog back, know what I mean? So I needed to take a step back and regain my focus, my desire to write and connect, to remember my purpose.
I have a lot to blog about and hope you’ll all stay tuned and continue with me on this journey.
Happy Monday.