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Ashton Kutcher’s NEW dating video. Have you seen it?? #ashtondatingvideo

I’m not one to gossip, but I’m sure most of us have heard about Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore’s breakup. Breakups are never easy, but  have you guys seen this? It looks like Ashton is putting himself out there with this new dating video. He’s looking for love. Again.

Ashton sure does deliver some laughs with his video on the new dating site for World Wide Lovers

With the help of an Academy Award-winning make-up and hair team, Ashton Kutcher has been transformed into four very different and colorful characters: a flamboyant fashion designer, a sensitive Harley-loving biker, a new age hippie and a Bollywood director.  Together, along with Ashton Kutcher, they are all in search of love which will appear in a series of YouTube videos.

– Darl is the over the top, vain diva.  He shares what he’s looking for by telling us what makes him so special.  And he loves his dog, Pupu.

– Nigel is the introspective hippie who tells us what he is looking for with his deep thoughts and wisdom.

– Swordfish is the sweet, lovable biker who tells his stories through his tattoos and his life on the road.

– Raj is the happiest guy on Earth.  He is looking for love based on his knowledge of pop culture and his glowing optimism.

Each of Ashton’s characters are searching for their own true love, and discover at the end of the video a particular snack flavor that matches their desires.

Have to say I never thought I’d see the day when Mr. Kutcher would need a dating video, but hey finding love is hard. And I shouldn’t be too surprised because the new claim is that one in five relationships start online. Good luck Ashton!!

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