I was so excited to launch the new blog and post some new kick-a** content and then BOOM life got real. In a matter of a week I somehow worked 70 hours, helped pull off a 360 gala at a swanky hotel, and went through some medical ish that had me in the hospital for 7 hours the night/morning before my huge event. I only got 1.5 hours of sleep that night *gulp*. Don’t ask me how I did it; don’t ask me how I survived. I felt terribly guilty working so much and had to rely on family and friends to help with my daughter, who missed me and wondered when I was going to be home.

I was thisclose to walking out of work many days last week, the pressure and stress got to me. I wasn’t able to think straight or be creative. Thursday night I got home a little after midnight from my gala event, I checked in on my daughter snoring loudly, went back into the kitchen and wept in my boyfriend’s arms. I didn’t say surviving was easy. I try so so hard to hold it all together, but last week proved that there are cracks in my armor…and that’s ok. I have to cut myself some slack, we’ve all got to give ourselves more credit for all that we do, and how hard we grind for ourselves and our families.

Life is still a ball of crazy but I’m able to see better this week, and I’m taking it slower, cutting myself some slack, and patting myself on the back. Somehow, someway I get up every morning and put my best foot forward as a mother, woman, and employee.

Shoot, I’m doing better than surviving. I’m living.

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9 Responses to “Surviving”

Veronica says:

Hope you get a break soon but sounds like youre doing great. Good to hear : )

admin says:

I’ve managed not to pull all of my hair out, so that’s good….right?? lol

S M Lodge says:

My wonderful and amazing Alex, of you I am so very proud. Please give yourself HUGE props, take a bow in the mirror then pppllleeeaaassee take a much needed break. Even if that break is some down time with sleeping in or going to see a good comedy at the movies or baing cooking with little mama.
You are a wonderful mom as your daughter is a testament to that. She is bright, articulate, compassionate, talented and charming!!!
Enjoy the fruits of your labor, as you have worked hard for them. Remember to dance like there’s no one watching!!! You are loved.

admin says:

Thanks Mom, for all of your support recently and in the past. I just hope that Solana is proud of me 🙂

S M Lodge says:

Oh my darling, Solana IS proud of her mama and loves her dearly. Take it easy on yourself daughter yet remember also all the wonderful you are showing and teaching your daughter ie having dedication, drive, and determination as well as a solid work ethic. Perhaps a reminder in viewing it that way, is also a little reminder to slow it down when you can or to take that moment and just breathe and remember taking in the beauty in the small things for time life passes much too quickly! As you are my heart, your daughter is yours, she cannot help but to be proud. You are an awesome mother as well as a beautiful person from the inside out.

YUMMommy says:

Oh wow! What a week you had. Yes, you have to cut yourself some major slack because you are a hardworking woman!

admin says:

Thanks so much Kerry – I’m so hard on myself, it’s becoming a real problem!!

You ARE surviving lady! Always remember that!

admin says:

I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up!! lmao – thanks lady 🙂

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