Shark Week is Here!!

I love nothing more than sitting by the ocean, taking in the sights, the smells, closing my eyes to listen to the water move gently, forcefully. There is something interestingly calm and relaxing about the crashing waves. Who doesn’t like lounging in a beach chair near the water and looking out into everything…and nothing. But what lurks underneath utterly freaks me out!

The great blue ocean, sharks, the unknown. I want nothing to do with it! You won’t catch me on a cruise, out boating, nope, not me!! I was forced into watching Shark Week a few years ago and was disgusted…and then intrigued. And every year I set aside some time to marvel in the mystery of these giant sea animals. Along with my fascination with my creatures has come my daughter’s love for seeing sharks in action, which I wasn’t prepared for!

It’s that time again, it’s Shark Week and as the Discovery Channel kicks-off their annual Shark Week this Sunday, August 12th, Disney Pixar would like share a very special message: Fish are Friends!


And who doesn’t love Finding Nemo and Anchor, Bruce & Chum! If you’ve got shark enthusiasts in your house, be sure to check out these Shark facts!

Download Activities!

What kind of shark is Chum? How many teeth does Bruce actually have? Find out the answers to these questions and more with these downloadable Shark Facts!

finding nemo

FINDING NEMO 3D Swims into Theaters September 14th!

Will you be swimming to the movies to see it?


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Yum Yucky says:

Shark Week!! I love it. My kid has been staying up late to enjoy the last few remnants of summer. And it’s just about that time for us to cuddle up and watch some sharks this evening.

The last 3D movie I saw at the theater was “Friday the 13th” back in the 80’s. LOL!

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