Secret’s Out…We’re Going to Disney!

The last vacation my daughter and I have been on was back in 2007 when we visited Aruba for my sister’s Wedding. We’re more of the staycation type. If vacations weren’t so expensive and I had more moolah I would love love to vacation more with lil mama! Working in non-profit fundraising is pretty exhausting and it’s been a difficult year for us medically and emotionally, so I know we needed some away time together. It’s important to get away from your normal routine, it’s important to spoil yourself…I really don’t do it enough.

disneySo what did I do? Book a trip to Disney! … I swear I’m crazy. Yup, we’re off to the most magical place on Earth! My daughter has been asking for awhile now to go somewhere, on an airplane, stay in a hotel, and of course visit the castle in Florida. I tried to silence her requests and convince her we should go to Puerto Rico and visit the beach! But she was firm – Disney and the castle.

But how to break the news to her? This is a HUGE trip for us! (My pockets sure feel lighter!). I couldn’t just come out and tell her! I needed some mystery; I wanted it to be a surprise! So I decided I would create an Easter Day Scavenger Hunt Revealing our Trip to Disney. I thought I was so slick! After a long day of visiting family and eating delicious food we got back home and I hid clues for her around the house in left over Easter eggs. Until I realized I messed up the clues, so I had to rush and get them all correct. Sigh.

I wanted to make this FUN, so I made a paper chain (love em) with we’re going to Disney, and lil mama LOVES to scrapbook so I got some Florida scrapbooking stickers and even an airplane 🙂 I wanted this to be special…I was so excited to share this with her.

IMG_4216Once she read the little sign I had created she was off – off to find clues and find out what BIG surprise Mom had in store for her. From her closet, to the TV, to her bagpack, to the Fridge, to the door she went which finally lead her to ‘a place you love to go into after a long day that is usually full of bubbles’ … the tub! Where we was greeted with a special sign, her paper chain, and other goodies. It’s funny, her reaction – many many smirks – was not what I expected. I thought maybe she’d cry or roll around on the floor. But she grinned, she smirked, and she said Moommmmmy we’re going to Disney. It’s weird…it’s kind of like she already knew we were going! Smartypants.

So, yep we’re going to Disney – everyone’s like aren’t you so excited? I’m not…yet. I’m sure once it gets closer I’ll get more excited, but my fear of flying has clouded my excitement – and the fact that the trip isn’t cheap – ouch! But, we don’t go on vacation much, so it’s time to get away, enjoy some sun, and visit the castle! Lil Mama is counting down the days until June 3rd!


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9 Responses to “Secret’s Out…We’re Going to Disney!”


yay yay yay!! we are a family of 5 taking our first family vacation ever!! Where are we going? Disney
When are we going? IN FOUR DAYS
I/we are SUPER EXCITED….Definitely can’t wait to document it. Can’t wait to see your pics either. After this trip we will be over Disney, Atlantis will be our next adventure. I hope!

admin says:

OMG have a blast!! Please let me know anything I should know before my trip!! Everyone says the trip is amaaaaazing, so have a great trip!!

FutureEsq says:

Just came back and it is truly the most magical(and expensive) place on Earth!! Here are some tips: GET A FASTPASS ( this is a FREE PASS given on rides aimed at cutting down the wait). We didn’t know this til 3 hrs and 2 rides in and seeing families walk up to the rides/// Also food and drink are allowed in the park take advantage because if not, $$$$$$. Lastly, although Disney is an experience all of itself there are SO many other less expensive places LegoLand, Aquatica(water world) etc… that fam can have just as much or more fun for fraction of the cost. Of course there is no place like Disney!! O and enjoy and take lots of pics. I am so excited for you guys.

YUMMommy says:

Aww…what a cute way to surprise her! I know that she was thrilled to be going and hopefully, as the trip nears you will be more excited. I can definitely understand about the whole fear of flying thing. Glad you all will be getting away for a vacation. You deserve it!!

admin says:

Thanks Kerry! After this crazy insane week of work ahead I think I’ll be able to get myself in the zone of getting excited for the trip!

Awww such a cute way of telling her!!! You guys are going to have so much fun, I’m more excited about our trip than Chunks is lol ENJOY!

admin says:

Thanks 🙂 She’s slowly becoming more excited which is great to watch! How old is Chunks? Disney keeps sending me stuff…they are more prepared for my trip than me lol

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What a fun way to surprise your daughter. Thanks for the unique idea!

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