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Sometimes I think I’m the most unorganized blogger ever. As a single working mom I’m always looking for tips and advice on how to balance all my responsibilities. And unfortunately blogging often takes a backseat since I still generally consider it a ‘hobby’ though I have been able to make some income. All the advice says to plan, plan, and plan some more. And guess who doesn’t plan? Me! I am usually an emotional writer and it’s only when I’m feeling really upset or passionate that I write. This often means I can’t plan. I’ve always admired those bloggers who create editorial calendars, stick to editorial calendars, and track guest posts and blogging expenses and income. I have faith that one that I’ll join that elite group!

If you don’t know my girl Sili of My Mamihood I highly encourage you to check her and all her fabulousness out ASAP. I’ve gotten the wonderful opportunity to get to know Sili through social media and got to meet her a couple of years ago. Long story short – our encounter was MAGICAL. We’ve been friends ever since, often messaging and texting, usually using lots of expletives. Well, mostly me. Sili has grown into a friend and I admire her work ethic and willingness to help others. As you can imagine I was thrilled when she shared with me that she’d be launching a blogger Organizada to assist bloggers in staying on track.


“If you are blogging as a business or want to grow your blog as a business, you should start to set goals and organize yourself in a way that will allow you to keep track of this information.  As your blog flourishes, having all of the information in one place will help you report out, as needed.” -Sili of My Mamihood


 What is the Organizada? We all use various tools to keep us organized – shopping lists, google drive, etc. The Organizada focuses on organizing ensuring you are maximizing your efficiency and keeping your thoughts and expenses in one place, which is easily accessible as you think about the future of your blog, and consider future opportunities.

The Organizada includes:

  • Blog-at-a-Glance: record your blog’s analytics and social media following in one easy– to-update place.
  • Month-at-a-Glance: planning page for the month containing a place for goals, outcome, blog topics, sponsored post grid and a lessons learned section.
  • Income, Expenses & Giveaways: keep a running list of this information as it happens for better bookkeeping and happier tax time.
  • Monthly Calendar: comes with holidays and plenty of space for you to jot down quick notes.
  • Weekly Calendar: planning page for the week where posts can be listed, brainstorming sessions can be recorded, sponsored and giveaway posts can be tracked.  Don’t forget to write down your mantra for the week! There’s one copy per month so be sure to print multiples for each month.
  • This organizer offers 45 printable PDF pages for your organizing pleasure!


I’ve been meaning to create a media kit for forever and I love that the Organizada includes a place to record your blog stats to reference and swap out of your media kit as necessary.

Why do I love the Organizada? Because as a busy working mom and blogger, I am always looking for ways to improve my efficiency both in the office and at home. While I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to my blog, having that creative outlet is so important to me. The real benefits of Sili’s Organizada is that it assists in my productivity, providing me the necessary tools to maximize the time I spend blogging, while encouraging me to be proactive and look ahead. With some prep work you can easily get organized and stay on task with Organizada, and who doesn’t love that?!

The Organizada is a small investment in the future of your blog – and it’s a tool every blogger should have if they want to be successful and organized! It can be purchased for just $14.95 but Sili has given my readers a special treat. If you use the code ALEXANDRA up until January 31st the Organizada can be yours for just $10!

How do you stay organized when balancing blogging and your other responsibilities?


Disclaimer: No compensation was received for writing this review! I’m a fan of the Organizada and wanted to help spread the word!

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I have two planners. One for my personal life to keep up with dr apts and all that and then I have a planner for my blog. I input everything into my phone and set alarms/reminders so that I don’t forget anything. Makes life so much more organized and me less stressful.

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