Preparing for our Disney trip in a month!

Holy Smokes…..One Month til Disney!

It seems like forever ago that I booked our trip for Disney, and now it’s only 27 days away! I’ve yet to become excited for the trip…it’s not really  a vacation for me, but I wasn’t thinking about me when I booked the trip, but of my darling daughter. I’ve got to give it up to the folks over at Disney – they haven’t let me forget about my trip and at least every couple weeks they are sending me something in the mail about our trip – they really deserve a pat on the back!!

So with a month until our trip, I’m now trying to figure out what the heck I need to prepare! A month or so ago I started reading blogs of other families that were planning Disney trips – and got overwhelmed, I must give it to the super planners, but I want a sense of freedom when I’m away, and don’t want to be tied down! Their prep was months in advance, which had me down because I have done ZERO prep, other than booking our flight and hotel! For me, preparation for this trip can be broken up into two categories: mental and physical.

Mental Prep:

–          Mental preparing to fly (me no likey)

–          Preparing to be around a whole bunch of people and kids! (I’m kinda a hermit)

–          Being prepared for lil mama to want everything & needed to set limits with her

–          Being OK with being out the office for an entire week (causes me anxiety)

I’ve been working on this mental prep for awhile now. I’ve always been one to avoid super crowded events – you should see me in NYC with lil mama – I’m a mess! There is going to be so much stimulation there and I know she is going to want EVERYTHING, so I need to have a budget in mind and really try to stick with it.

Physical Prep:

–     What to pack? And how?

I generally tend to be an overpacker – I like to pack for any circumstance which always means my suitcase is busting at the seams lol – and let’s not talk about my accessories…I have a lot of skincare products that must travel with me. I need to figure out how I can best pack these without being stopped at the airport! I’ve also decided NOT to bring my laptop, which will be a nice break – I’ll have my Galaxy so I’ll still be connected. I also don’t know the limits on how heavy our bags can be…I don’t fly, and really need to educate myself ASAP so I don’t break no rules!

–   What to wear?

I’m all about comfort – and my standard outfit when I’m not at work is leggings, converse, and a tshirt. Best outfit ever. But I obviously know we’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so I need to be comfortable all the time. So I’ve decided to bring my workout gear, running pants, dri-fit tops, sports bra, and sneakers. I’ll be comfortable and ready to run at any moment! I also had to think about the dreaded topic of a bathing suit. I’ve just begun my fitness journey so I’m not yet seeing the results I want in my body, so I needed a suit that was not only cute and flattering but that sucked in what needed to be sucked and gave an overall slimming look – I recently teamed with Albion Fit and got sent the cutest bathing suit I’ll happily be rocking in Disney!


As you can see there is much prep to be done for our upcoming trip. But the biggest pieces are all done. We have our flights. We know where we’ll be staying. We have our dining plan. We have access to the parks. I’m happy with that and hope that everything else just falls smoothly into place…(a girl can dream!). But, it is important to really start thinking about what I still need to get, what exactly I’m packing, and start organizing! I’m not going overboard, so hopefully it’s not too much work!


Have you been to Disney? What kind of prep did you do beforehand? What advice would you give me?

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2 Responses to “Preparing for our Disney trip in a month!”

Çheryl Pope says:

I’m so envious. You’re gonna have a great time. I’ve never been but my daughter went with relatives when she was 5. The pictures were awesome. Sneak Minnie Mouse in your bag for me. LOL.Have fun

admin says:

It should be a fun trip – I’m going to try not to be so crazy with the people and the heat!

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