8 Tips to Motivate Children to Complete Their Chores Around the House


As a kid growing up Saturdays meant one thing. Waking up early and CLEANING! Gosh I hated it, but our house sure got messy with four kids and often a handful of foster kids coming in and out. I know getting us to complete our chores was pretty similar to the pain you feel when you get your teeth pulled. But there is hope! Today Gregg Murset, Founder & CEO of MyJobChart.com shares his eight tips to get your kids to help out around the house:

  1. Take Advantage of Kid’s Love of Technology. Why threaten to take away a child’s technology when you can use that technology to take advantage of a teachable-moment or drive home a larger message about being responsible? By using an online job chart like MyJobChart.com, children consistently log in, see their responsibilities that need to be done, register the completion and find out their rewards. Your kids will find themselves motivated by seeing their bank account grow or positive notes from mom and dad.
  1. Let Kids Earn Money to Support A Special Charity They Pick. Help your child find a charity or cause they want to support, and tell them by finishing tasks around the house, the money they earn will go as a donation. The donation could be made once a year, every month or every week, depending on your child, but if they can see how their hard work helps animals, another child or to help find a cure, they will be more engaged.
  1. Parents/Grandparents Match (Double) Any Savings or Donation. Make an agreement with your kids that whatever they earn, you (and even grandma/grandpa) will match the dollar amount to go toward a charity or that new toy they have been wanting.
  1. Connect Helping Around the House with a Special Day or Additional Activity Time. Sometimes all a child wants is some special time with mom and dad, maybe a trip to the zoo, to see a movie or to go out to eat at a favorite restaurant. Have a standing arrangement that every week or month, if assigned tasks are completed properly, you will grant them one wish to do something.
  1. Allow Overtime. Just like mom and dad, give your kids the chance to work overtime to earn more money. Even though some jobs have a clear ending, find other jobs that your children could go above and beyond  if they request. Examples include working in the garden, painting a room, doing advance homework or helping neighbors with their projects.
  1. Go on Strike. If you give your children something to do and they skip out on it, do not do it for them. Even the most stubborn teen will take notice when they run out of clean laundry.
  1. Allow Help. During summer break or on a long weekend give your kids a large project to complete and let them invite friends over to help. While painting the backyard fence or shoveling mulch for the yard might not sound fun to you it could be a blast for a group of kids. Especially if you offer to host a pizza party after the work is done.
  2. Create Trades. Competition runs rampant between siblings so take advantage of it. If one of your kids is assigned a task and he/she doesn’t want to complete it, allow for trades between kids. The child who wants to trade his/her task can give   up the reward tied to that chore to a sibling in exchange for the sibling doing it. If one sibling is willing to put in all the       effort, the others will quickly take notice and want to contribute when they are not getting any of the rewards.

What tips do you have for encouraging your children to complete their chores at home?



Go GREEN with the Seventh Generation Clean Swap Mobile Tour!

I really wish I loved cleaning as much as I love chocolate or the beach. Growing up in a very busy household with four kids Saturday mornings in our house weren’t filled with cartoons and lazy brunches. Instead, we all got up early and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Even though I don’t love cleaning, I still want to ensure the products I’m using are not only safe for everyone in my family (pooch included), affordable and environmentally friendly. Enter: Seventh Generation!

Haven’t heard of them? I got ya covered! Seventh Generation is a natural household and personal care company and take cleaning seriously, ya’ll. They are on a mission to rid the world of toxic chemicals and have a whole line of awesome products from dish soap, laundry detergent to all purpose cleaners – all of which smell amazing. All of their products are plant based, environmentally friendly and many are made with coconut oil, I just recently learned.


Cleaning ain’t easy so this year Seventh Generation is making the task manageable, fun and friendly with their Clean Swap mobile tour! A couple weekends ago I visited the #cleansweep mobile tour outside the Whole Foods on River street in Cambridge where I got to learn more about their awesome products and swap some of my toxic cleaners for FREE full sized Seventh Generation products! Awesome…I know!!


The Clean Swap Tour allows community members to trade in their traditional toxic cleaning products for Seventh Generation’s non-toxic plant based cleaners for FREE. Anyone else love FREE?

20150725_152429Be sure to stay on the lookout to see if the Seventh Generation Clean Swap Tour is coming near you, because you won’t want to miss it! Oh and I also mention they have coupons as well? Seriously, the best!


Star Market Celebrates its 100th Birthday & Giveaway!

I participated in an Event Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Star Market. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation


I love Boston in the summer. Not only is the Boston skyline breathtaking, but there is so many activities for families to participate in – many of them are often FREE. If you know me, you know I love love FREE! We stopped by the Shops at Prudential Family Film Fest in the South Garden this past weekend to not only watch Frozen outside but to help Star Market celebrate their 100th birthday!! This year marks a century of commitment to quality products and dedicated employees.


With so many different grocery stores to choose from these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with deciding where to shop for your family. But I have to tell you, our local Star Market in Porter Square in Cambridge rocks my world. It recently got an upgrade with all the aisles named after popular streets in Cambridge (which was a very nice touch!) yet the facelift didn’t compromise the quality of products or stellar customer service we always receive when we shop there.

For all my local folks, Star Market was actually started in Watertown, Massachusetts and has been the premier grocer in New England since 1915! To celebrate this momentous occasion they are hosting anniversary events throughout the rest of 2015!

20150718_175743I love a good party and the Film Fest was the perfect environment to celebrate Star Market’s birthday and also sample some delicious treats from Chef Jason!



Guests were in for a real treat with popcorn, fun signage and props, tote bags and food. Chef Jason and his team served up delicious lobster salad and something I never would have put together – popcorn rice pudding. Annnnnd, it was delicious!!

Your turn…go follow Star Market and wish a HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Oh and because I love you and Star Market so much, I’m giving away one $100 Star Market giftcard to a lucky reader!

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