O, The Oprah Magazine and Zappos.com embark on a Kindness Mission w/ ‘Random Acts of O”

When my daughter met Oprah a few months ago while she was visiting Harvard University with Lady Gaga (who she met as well) my love for Oprah skyrocketed – which I didn’t think was possible! As an African-American woman who came from poverty and worked her way to the top I have nothing but admiration for her. My daughter was truly in the presence of greatness the day she met Oprah. Being the only person to meet Oprah during her visit to town, I feel very lucky for my daughter to have had that opportunity, and I just know she’ll meet Oprah again :)




So you can imagine how excited I was to hear about the recent collaboration with O, The Oprah Magazine, Zappos.com, and DailyFeats and their new initiative ‘Random Acts of O’ to spread kindness and make the friendlier place. Of course I had to get involved! Over the course of six months readers can participate in monthly challenge based on issue themes via a FB app, and O Magazine and Zappos.com will also bring kindness experiences to life via real-world stunts, surprises, and rewards for doing good! Good deeds now don’t go unnoticed! Via this FB app you can track your good deeds, share them with friends, and win prizes!

First challenge: Pledge to Read! Using their FB app you can pledge to read one of the 20 books featured on O Magazine’s Books of Summer list. Of those that pledge 50 will be randomly selected to win a sweet tote bag filled with all 20 books on the summer list!! But wait…it gets better! Once 50,000 pledges have been collected, $5,000 will be donated to Teach for America, a program that works in partnership with communities to expand educational opportunities for children facing poverty. Amazing! Looking for a book to read this summer? Want to enter to win 20 books? Want to help kids facing poverty? Head over and pledge your commitment today! Couldn’t be any easier!!

This is a truly special initiative, and something that means a lot to me, not only because I love Oprah and love to read, but because a few years ago I collected 500 books to send to an impoverished school in Zimbabwe. On June 27th, O and Zappos.com will also thank the new Teach for America recruits at St. John’s University in Queens,NY.

I’ve already pledged to read Wild & Tell The Wolves I’m Home – Will you pledge?


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8 Responses to “O, The Oprah Magazine and Zappos.com embark on a Kindness Mission w/ ‘Random Acts of O””

YUMMommy says:

You gotta love Oprah. Her heart is so big. I pledged to read Calling Invisible Women. Can’t wait ti get started!

admin says:

Whoop Whoop! Have you started reading yet? I’ve started reading Wild and it’s so captivating!!!

Jenny says:

Spreading kindness is a wonderful thing. I’m going to visit the pledge page now!

admin says:

I agree Jenny, people need to spread more of it!!!

Maria Amelia says:

I love Oprah and I love her network, too. It is one of the few with motivational and educational shows at the moment. I’m going to check out the reading list/initiative now. I am always looking for a recommendation on a book and why not combine it with a good deed, right? Thanks!!

admin says:

Totally!! I recently bought Wild and it is AMAZING!!! Highly recommend reading it!!!

Rachel says:

This sounds amazing! Isn’t everything O does just awesome? Will def share and congrats to your daughter!

admin says:

O is amazing, I mean what more can I say?! :)

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