My Family’s Strength

What makes my family strong? As part of the Strong Families Mama’s Day Our Way campaign I wrote a very honest raw post about what makes my single-parent household strong. I’ve got the heart of a lion and will continue raising my daughter in a warm loving home without a partner muting the naysayers.

From my post: “Too many times I doubted myself and my capacity to be a good mother. Far too often I let these negative thoughts creep into my thoughts, haunting me. Making me question my own strength and resilience. It was often with a shaky hand and self-doubt that I moved forward and persevered as a young single mom.” 

The goal of this campaign is to highlight the moms in our communities who are often marginalized, maligned by politicians and the media.

My post can be read in entirety on the Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy  website and also the Strong Families website.

My post talks about what makes my family strong, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. What makes your family strong?

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6 Responses to “My Family’s Strength”

IrieDiva says:

im just coming to terms with the fact that i will be a single mom. when u have to, u just have to be strong. it’s far from easy though.

admin says:

How are you feeling about that change? It’s tough, I sometimes don’t think I can do it, then I look at my daughter’s face and my faith is restored. We can do this!

Lisa says:

Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving the comment you did. This sounds like a great project.

Lisa x

I’m a HUGE champion of looking at strengths and seeing how I can use them to push me forward and foster resiliency. Single parenting doesn’t mean “doomed parenting” and I’m happy you’re sharing that. Heading over to read it.

Diamond says:

Yeah its hard being a single mom and I envy women that are not considered single moms. Life goes on though and I stay strong for my son.

admin says:

It is hard, but it’s the most amazing experience I never thought I’d have! Your son is so lucky to have you!!

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