Helping More Single Parents Find Love This Fall


Oh dating. After my daughter’s father and I split six long years ago I swore I’d never find love, would never be in a relationship, and would devote my life to only loving my daughter. Dating as a single mom? Um, nope I wasn’t interested! Who was going to watch my daughter? When would they meet her? Would my daughter feel like I was neglecting her? How would I make time for everyone…including myself?

Luckily I’ve had the opportunity to find love for a period of time since that relationship. And now when someone asks if I’m single, I quickly respond – yes, and not looking. My plate is overflowing, and thinking about a relationship makes me kinda crazy. Crazy because I know how much time and energy needs to go into a functional relationship – time that I can’t seem to find in my life.

When my single girlfriends and I get together we often talk about where in the heck we’re supposed to meet someone of quality. My routine is soo exciting – work, grocery store, home. Where do people go to meet people these days? Online apparently. Not only did my co-worker find her now husband online, her two friends found their partner online, and not to mention a makeup artist I use sometimes, is now engaged to someone she met on There are plenty of commercials promoting online dating sites- the newest I’ve seen is one for farmers. Hey, farmers need love too! And the numbers don’t lie. Single parents who use online dating sites have twice the dating success than those who don’t date online. Not only that, but has seen a 180% increase in single parents with kids at home over the past four years. 180%!! That’s quite an increase! And not only that, but check this out:

Men find single women with kids ATTRACTIVE! In fact, 67% of men are willing to date a single parent! is sure changing how single parents date and are providing resources for single parents to find loooove. I groan thinking about dating because it takes time and I wonder about how much of myself I have to give, and how having another man around (whose not my daughters father) will affect my daughter. Luckily believes that just because you’re a single parent, doesn’t mean you have to give up your search for finding love. 1/3 of Match members are single parents looking to find love.

I was pretty skeptical about online dating before talking with’s relationship expert Whitney Casey, but once she started talking about how popular is for single parents part of me got excited…about the possibilities to find love. Of COURSE I’d love to be in love. I love love. Though I often wonder if love doesn’t love me lol. I shared my anxiety with Whitney, and she plainly told me that prioritizing myself and desire for love will in fact make me a better parent – feeling more complete. As far as filling out those dreaded online profiles she says to focus on the now and not to talk only about your child. Talk about books you’re currently reading or just finished your current interests and things you’re engaged in.

Below is my full interview with Whitney discussing single parents and dating on

Is online dating for me? Guess I won’t really know until I try. But I know that I’ve got to put myself in a better position to be open for love…which I hope is soon. And then…maybe…I’ll try online dating :-)

Single parent or not – have you tried online dating? If not, would you be up for online dating?

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Jennifer says:

I’ve personally never tried online dating … but I have so many friends that use it and absolutely love it !!! It definitely has its perks

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