KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits! {Review}

Hey Soul Sister,

I Gotta Feeling this summer is going to be Dynamite! We’re going to Party In The USA with KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits! The California Gurls will be dancing to all 13 hits this Fire Burning summer! You don’t need to be a Billionaire to get a copy, its only $13.98! We don’t want to Break Your Heart, so call me on the Telephone with any questions!!

Dancing is in our blood. Ever since my daughter was a baby she’s been such a fan of dancing and moving her little body. I remember when she was a newborn on days she wasn’t too happy I’d play a little music bounce her up and down and she would immediately calm down. Fast forward to today and there is always music playing in our house, whether it’s on during bath time or while cooking dinner, we are always dancing and singing along to our favorite songs.

KIDZ BOP is fantastic, and my daughter has even said she wants to sing on one of their soundtracks! Take hit songs add kid’s voices and you get a smash! No need to worry about bad language, these soundtracks are easy listening, so what’s not to love?

My daughter has had the KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits on repeat since she got it, it’s become a staple in our household! And check out the track list, it’s packed with all the hit songs for her to bop along too:


Track List:

1. Tik Tok

2. Dynamite

3. California Gurls

4. I Gotta Feeling


6. Party In The USA

7. Break Your Heart

8. Hey Soul Sister

9. DJ Got Us Falling In Love

10. Fire Burning

11. You Belong With Me

12. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

13. Fireflies

Looking for some fun music for your child? KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits is for you and will be sure to provide some fun times for you and your family, so get ready to dance, dance, dance!

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One Response to “KIDZ BOP Ultimate Hits! {Review}”

I actually love Kidz Bop myself. We usually just pick it up on a Pandora station but a CD would be nice for in the car. I’ll play it off of Pandora when we get ready to cook something together. Its fun to sing loud and dance around the kitchen with your child. It’s a sight to see because neither of us have rhythm. I look at him an say, “Poor kid”, he is going to take his dancing skills after me – but I don’t think that’s going to stop him.

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