Kidz Bop 22 Music CD Giveaway – WINNERS!

I’ve written before about our love of music and Kidz Bop! Whether we are cooking or getting ready to conquer the day – music is playing and we are moving! We have been playing Justin Bieber and Adele lately, and were thrilled when we got the new Kidz Bop 22 cd to listen to the hottest hits sung by kids for kids! My daughter’s cd collection is growing fast and this cd is by far her favorite, I catch her in her room, in the bath, going to camp singing one of the songs! Her favorite (which I had never heard before) is call me maybe. Once the music starts she doesn’t stop!

Kidz Bop 22 is the #1 music brand for kids ages 5-12 in the U.S! It’s the perfect summer soundtrack for family road trips, pool parties, backyard BBQs, birthday parties, and more! KIDZ BOP 22 includes 16 chart-topping hits including:

Call Me Maybe
Wild Ones
Glad You Came
Drive By
Part Of Me
What Makes You Beautiful
Dance Again
Feel So Close
Somebody That I Used To Know
Tonight Is The Night
Set Fire To The Rain

I’m thrilled to share our love of Kidz Bop 22 with you to enjoy in your house! I’m giving away three, yes three copies of the cd, enter using the rafflecopter widget below!!

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Contest closes at MIDNIGHT on 7/21! Be sure to enter today!

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45 Responses to “Kidz Bop 22 Music CD Giveaway – WINNERS!”

Ann Fantom says:

Our local radio staion (K104) keeps us mving all summer

Mariah says:

My son loves to dance so any music seems to be an excuse to get up and get moving!

Sumer says:

We like to listen to Kidz Bop actually. I like that I can trust that they aren’t going to belt out swear words or something the kids shouldn’t hear. We don’t have this volume though.

Danielle says:

We absolutely love the local kids band, Hullabaloo, and have nightly dance parties while dinner is cooking and we wait for Daddy to get home.

Renski says:

The family ipod is jamming with everything from old Motown and the Hits of the 70’s and 80′ to all the newest hits – one direction and Gotye. We also love Kidz bop – thanks

I love call me maybe! Lil mama has good taste in music!

Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy, but here’s my number. So call me maybe…

Good stuff!

Katie R says:

Fun and upbeat oldies like YMCA and Walking on Sunshine

Crystal F says:

We’re really into the more up beat country music that is coming on right now. My girls are making up their own dances to them. thank you!!

Emily says:

Fun kids dancing music!

Raijean says:

How cute are you guys!

tiffany tellerday says:

anything with a good beat

Guy Thomason says:

My daughter loves most of these songs and really enjoys singing along to them in the car!

crystle tellerday says:

all kinds of music

katelyn says:

i love kidz bop

Damian Jarreau says:

We like classic rock and country

tamar says:

I’m listening to Indie a lot lately.

Hollie S says:

We listen to anything fast paced with a good beat and fun lyrics.

Cujo says:

We love whatever’s playing on the radio.

Angela Cisco says:

We listen to just about everything the more upbeat the better

Rebecca Peters says:

My kids have been obsessed with with the pop radio station, and some country also

Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

Reo speedwagon
vmkids3 at msn dot com

Angela Neynaber says:

We like Audio Adrenaline!

Ed Nemmers says:

Seventies Disco does it for us!

Jennifer C says:

We like Top 40 and some classic rock sprinkled in there to get moving and shaking.

christal c willdebbie says:

I would have to say the hits now and party music

Tiffany Hearn says:

We play a mix of what the kids like and what my husband and I like. Pop for them, rock for us. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

mary gardner says:

my kids mostly love pop music so we listen to it on the radio alot

jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

amy deeter says:

hip hop and r&b

amanda whitley says:

we mostly listen to country.

Heather S says:

My boys love to dance to LMFAO and some Maroon 5.

susan smoaks says:

we love to dance to bob marley

amy delong says:

the chipwrecked cd

Trevor C. says:

and kind of hip-hop song, keeps me dancing like crazy

Angela H says:

We like most any music. 🙂

Tara says:

Top 40, usually 🙂

holly says:

we dance to any music we hear! 🙂

Ericka says:

Anything really, lately its been Bruno Mars hehe

Patrice says:

Country music!

meme says:

we listen to country and soft rock and my kids love listening to kids bop songs

peter gladue says:

My niece Adrianna is into Dubstep

Emmy says:

We love Jimmy Buffet–even the kids!

Brenda Elsner says:

We love listening to oldies!!

Sand says:

We’ve been listening to a lot of ’80’s music!

Gianna says:

My kids like veggie tales music.

DanV says:

We like top 40 pop

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