I’m a Guest Contributor at The Cubicle Chick!

This blogging journey has been pretty spectacular. Through writing I’ve been able to connect with readers who have turned into friends. I’ve been given opportunities that have helped to support my family, and I’ve been able to heal. I write to help myself heal. Blogging has been an amazing platform to share my voice and make connections, and I’ve been working on spreading my voice through other blogs.

When I saw a guest contributor position open at the lifestyle blog The Cubicle Chick I immediately ignored it – this dynamic blog has thousands of readers, me and my little blog stood no chance. Then I had to take a step back and think about why I’m blogging in the first place – and I reconsidered applying. You see I have this terrible terrible habit of not giving myself enough credit. I immediately count myself out before I try. I’m working through why I limit myself so much, because it’s quite debilitating.

But in this case I threw out my insecurities and applied. I’ve been a fan of Danyelle of The Cubicle Chick for years, and really admire her juggling parenthood and blogging. She must have received hundreds of applications I thought…but then I got an email back saying she’d like me to join as a contributor! I almost didn’t believe what I was reading! I’m super pleased to announce I’m now a guest contributor focusing co-parenting!!


Click HERE to read my first post titled: Three Ways to Cooperatively Co-Parent During the School Year.

Happy Monday!


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I am very excited to have you on my team of contributors. Very happy! :-)

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