Exhale Spa Boston: Core Fusion Cardio Class

This summer I made a promise to myself – to lose 5lbs by my birthday at the end of September. I was getting so frustrated and discouraged by nothing fitting and not really feeling like myself. I’ve been running, realizing I hate running, so jogging and walking, and lifting. What I’m realizing is I need a lot of variety to keep me interested!

I sure got to switch things up a bit Wednesday with an exclusive media and blogger core cardio fusion class with Exhale Spa in Boston. The class was on a gorgeous roof deck overlooking Boston. The views were absolutely breathtaking. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was perfect.

Exhale Spa has locations across the US and three locations around Boston. The location I was at, within the upscale 45Province is usually only open for residents including a multi-level fitness studio, state of the art gym, meditation lounge, and an in-ground pool 20someting stories up that’s open year round! All of which I got to tour, it was incredible! Exhale is elegance and relaxation all wrapped in one.

The roof deck was spectacular, there was a full house as we took off our shoes and got ready for a core cardio fusion class. The original core fusion class developed by Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito is the original core class providing a challenging workout for those that are ready to work. This class was designed to make you *sweat* and sweat we did with the sun beaming on us as we completed sets of plank runs and countless amounts of mountain climbers. Our heart rates got pumping with yoga postures and light weights for a maximized calorie burn. My favorite part is when we got into the punching and kicking!

While the class included far too many mountain climbers for my liking, and it was difficult to follow the instructor at times, it was a great to try something new and incorporate a different workout into my schedule. It was a great workout for cardio! Even though it was tough and moved fast I didn’t give up. I stopped when I needed, got some water, and gave it all I had, and my body is in pain today as a result. OH and they served us white wine when the class was over!! Sweet! I had to pass to get home to lil mama, but how awesome is that! They also gifted media and bloggers with some swag including face masks, socks, and a core fusion DVD!

And look at me; even as a sweaty mess after the class, I had a smile on my face! Don’t look too bad after an hour workout in the sun if you ask me!

 I’m looking forward to an outdoor sunset Pilates class next week in Boston by the water. I love summer!! Get it right, get it tight!!

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5 Responses to “Exhale Spa Boston: Core Fusion Cardio Class”

Sili says:

I’m so jealous right now! But glad you got a chance to decompress a little. Isn’t it great when it happens? Wish that place was closer right now. I’d give up an egg for a 90 minute massage! lol

admin says:

I really felt like I was in another world Sili, things seemed to slow down alot, it was a nice break!

Carla says:

That place looks amazing! I can never stick to an exercising routine either because I become to busy or I’m too busy catching up on rest so I commend you.

I hope you enjoy the Pilates class.

Rachel says:

Love it!!! Lol what a beautiful place.

admin says:

It was stunning!!

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