Dare to Bare – Summer Skin Tips (Part 2)

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Yesterday on the blog I shared my top 2 tips for rocking summer skin! Summer is about enjoyment, laughter, and healthy skin! Healthy skin doesn’t have to be a chore – nor expensive! I love finding out alternate uses for household items and incorporating them into my skincare regimen. Products like apple cider vinegar, honey, and olive oil can all be used in homemade skincare products! You’d be surprised!

The first two tips for healthier skin were keeping those underarms sexy and exfoliating. Wrapping up this dare to be bare series I’ll share my final two tips:

3. Moisturize + Protect! When it’s hot, who wants to put on lotion? Not me! But it’s important to moisturize our skin even during the summer, and protect it! Yes that means sunscreen! You should be wearing sunscreen every day! I saw this great product in the store recently which was a sunscreen and lotion in one! Genius if you ask me!

4. Drink! Our bodies function better when they are hydrated, and our skin looks better too! I find when I am hydrated I feel better and my skin is less dry – which makes my life a lot easier! With all the high temps I’ve been craving water – and my skin has thanked me with a nice glow! If you are good to your skin, your skin will be good to you!

When I’m consistent with my skincare, it shows – both on the inside and out! My skin looks healthy and supple and I feel more confident. There is nothing sexier to me than skin that looks radiant, my smile tends to be a bit brighter and there is an obvious pep in my step.

I’ve shared with you my top four tips for killer summer skin, and I’d love to hear yours! And I also I encourage you to dare to bare this summer and beyond!


I was compensated for this post by the Clever Girls Collective.com. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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4 Responses to “Dare to Bare – Summer Skin Tips (Part 2)”

Rachel says:

I love your tips. I tend to use products I have in the home too. Like sugar dor scrubs, avocado for hair treatments, etc. It’s such a sure fire way of getting your hair and skin to get healthy. Thanks for sharing!

admin says:

Thanks Rachel, I’m all about easy and affordable skin care options! I’ve heard of avocado for hair treatments, but I’ve always eaten them before they make it to my hair!

Carla says:

I don’t usually wear sunscreen because I’m rarely outside for a long time. But, that probably means I should spend more time outside. LOL.

As for water, it has to be THE best drink in the world. There is nothing that quenches my thirst like water. My favorite kind is Fiji and Smart Water.

admin says:

Not a good excuse Carla 🙂 Gotta wear sunscreen always, those rays can really mess up our skin!! I’m learning to love water…it’s a work in progress lol

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