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Review & Giveaway: Noodles & Company #NoodlesMA

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Noodles tasting as compensation. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are all my own.


I love food. I really love food. And I really love food which I DON’T have to cook! My mother would be so disappointed! Maybe it’s the summer heat, maybe it’s my crazy schedule, but I’ve had zero desire to get in the kitchen this summer. Considering how much my eight year old eats this has caused quite the problem! So when we were invited for a tasting at Noodle & Company I jumped at the opportunity to try some food that I didn’t have to cook :-)

Since I’m not cooking much these days, it’s been important to be creative about the foods we’re eating and ensure that they are nutritious and tasty. My tummy has gotten super sensitive to many foods over the past year, and many regular on the go favorites no longer agree with my tummy. So it was exciting to hear that Noodles & Company uses only the freshest ingredients to make various noodle dishes, soups and salads inspired by the world. We’re talking Japanese Pan Noodles, Thai Curry Soup and Wisconsin Mac & Cheese just to name a few! And for around $8 a dish taking your family out for lunch and dinner won’t have to break the bank!



During our tasting we were able to try small tastes of many of their fan favorites including the Margherita Flatbread, Pesto Cavatappi, and Spaghetti. Our favorite bite of the meal was one that I wasn’t expecting I’d enjoy. Their Tomato Basil Bisque is out of this world yummy! It’s rich and tasty and perfectly seasoned….we both licked our bowls clean!!


We went over to their location in Burlington, just across from the mall, but they also have a location over in Shrewsbury in the White City Shopping Center.

Whether you are on kitchen strike like me or are looking to change up your dinner, I’ve got a great giveaway for local readers! One lucky reader will win a Noodles tote and a Noodles for Four gift card!

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Good Luck & Happy Eating!!


JOHNSON’S® Baby “Your Promise is Our Promise”

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® Baby and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions as always are my own.


Like many families, when my bouncy baby girl came into the world many Johnson products lined our shelves at home. Nothing beats the smell of a baby after they’ll bathed using JOHNSON’S® Baby soap and shampoo. Since that time there has been some questioning about the ingredients in JOHNSON’S® products, and the folks over at JOHNSON’S® want to ensure all families know that the children and families that use their products matter to them, that’s why they’re taking a stand and change their product formulas – not because of safety, but for peace of mind.

With the arrival of their new products, they have launched the “Your Promise is Our Promise” campaign to show their commitment to mom and the promises they make their children. We all know life changes (for the better) when our children are born, being a mother still completely fascinates me and like other parents I’ve made many promises to my daughter over the years. Promises to ensure she knows she’s loved, that she knows Mommy is always there, that I’ll always protect her and encourage her, and do my best to provide for her. Promises I intend to follow-through with as long as I am able. Well JOHNSON’S® Baby also makes promises so moms don’t have to worry about the products they use on their little ones.

In addition to the new products, a “One Promise” video (below) has also been created to show JOHNSON’S® commitment to the families that use their products. This inspiring video brings different walks of life together to build an origami stork mobile, symbolizing the delivery of their promise to always listen to their consumers. The concept dates back to a Japanese legend of folding 1,000 origami cranes resulting in a wish granted and a promise fulfilled, which is thought to be a labor of love.

The reformulated JOHNSON’S® Baby products was their labor of love for parents and babies. Storks were used in the video because they represent the delivery of babies, and the hopes and promises of families.

Be on the lookout for their seven newly reformulated JOHNSON’S® Baby products:

  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thick and Curly Hair
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thin and Straight Hair
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo with Calming Lavender
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Soothing Vapor Baby Bath

Have you used JOHNSON’S® Baby products with your family? If so, would you consider purchasing one of their new products?


Are Your Kids Outside Enough? 10 Reasons They Should Be!


HOORAY FOR OUTDOOR PLAY! I was a pretty active child. In middle school and high school you could find me playing sports year-round. I still have nightmares of field hockey practice on hot August days. For a few weeks we had double header practices – one at the crack of dawn and the other later in the afternoon. I don’t know how I survived! I’ve always loved being active and would spend countless hours riding my bike, playing with neighborhood kids, swimming or and participating in jump rope contests (I was pretty good!) – my childhood in one word could be described as ACTIVE. When my daughter came into the world I wondered what pieces of me and her Dad would live on inside her. Her Dad was pretty active too, so I hoped she would also love getting outside and getting moving. Well…she hasn’t stopped moving since she started walking! Being car-less has it’s pros and cons – but a BIG pro is that it encourages us BOTH to be active and get moving. And it’s no surprise that we’re currently training for her first kids Triathlon in a few weeks. Yes, my 8 year old daughter is participating in a Triathlon! And let me tell you – she is kicking butt during our training sessions!

I want to encourage her to always desire the simple pleasures of playing outdoors – with so many kids sitting inside playing video games – my daughter craves time outside – hiking, at the beach, on the bike path, at the park – and I couldn’t be any happier.

It’s pretty disappointing that so many kids don’t get outdoors, and the following benefits show the endless benefits to living a healthy lifestyle:

Thank You to PaperKarma for these images

Thank You to PaperKarma for these images

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How do you encourage your kids to live an active life?


A Better Pharmacy Experience with Target Pharmacy & $50 Target Giveaway #TargetSponsored

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target.


Over the past six months my relatively healthy kiddo has had one health issue after the other. We’ve been back in forth to the hospital and Doctor’s office trying to come up with a treatment plan to nurse her back to good health. This has also meant we’ve spent time in our local pharmacies waiting for prescriptions to be filled and talking with the pharmacist about dosage amounts and side effects. I’m a worried mom and customer service especially with new prescriptions is important to me before I leave and go home. And that’s why our family visits our local Target Pharmacy – they make feeling better, better.

Whether you’re dealing with a sick child or refilling your monthly prescriptions, Target Pharmacy is committed to making your pharmacy experience more efficient, easier and overall a better experience. Often times when I visit other smaller pharmacies I feel like just a number in a sea of impatient cashiers who is rushing to get to everyone in line. I want to leave feeling confident that I understand my new medication and how and when to take it. Customer service is crucial and they were recently ranked “highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies by J.D. Power.”

So why choose Target as your primary pharmacy? The features are impressive – and for the entire month of April their focus is “Fill once. Earn twice. During Double Credit Days.” Read below for more ways Target Pharmacy is bringing you a refreshing approach to pharmacy:

  • Flip the Script makes it easy to transfer to Target Pharmacy and can be done in-store, online or on your mobile device.
  • Experience Pharmacy Rewards like never before. April is the perfect time to fill your scripts at because it’s Double Credit Days where you can earn rewards on stuff you love is quick and easy. Here’s how:
    • Fill once. Earn twice. During Double Credit Days (entire month of April), you can earn rewards twice as fast and get 5% off the entire store—for a whole day!
    • Guests earn 5% off certificate after filling 5 scripts.
    • Fill your 5% shopping day faster by getting vaccinations. In fact, you can add family members to one account to get to five, faster.

If you are like me I go into Target with a short list and end up filling an entire truck with bags and things I didn’t know I needed or wanted! While the prices are affordable, I love to save a few dollars – and that is exactly what’s happened since I began filling my scripts at Target Pharmacy. By simply making the switch I’m getting rewarded, and it couldn’t be any easier!

I loved Target before – but love it even more now…I wasn’t even sure that was possible! For those of you who have Target’s close to you have you used Target Pharmacy before and/or would you considering “flipping the script”?

And now a special treat for my fellow Target lovers – a chance to win a $50 Target e-giftcard!

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Happy Target Shopping!


Co-Parenting 101: Finding Your Own Tribe


My guest post on The Cubicle Chick

Over the past seven years, I’ve gone through the ultimate lows while engaged in a high conflict co-parenting relationship. Feelings of inadequacy, isolation, depression, and severe anxiety have plagued me the majority of the time. I only exacerbated the situation by shutting down physically and emotionally, at times feeling unable to process all that I was going through myself. A ball of fury at most times, ready to explode or break down at any moment; my emotional sanity drowning. Not able to process the feelings myself, I refused to talk with anyone about what I was going through and how it was affecting me. Scared that if I were to open my mouth and share my truth I wouldn’t be understood.

When you have to literally fight for your child, have to fight for what they deserve, in front of a stranger in a robe, it changes you. When you look at the father of your child and realize you don’t know him and never did, when he reminds you of your own deadbeat dad – it changes the person you are. I guess it only changes you if you let it. My experiences have hardened my already dense exterior. They don’t understand. They can’t understand. They don’t know my ex. They don’t know my struggle. This is what I told myself over and over and over again.

I grew up with a fierce sense of independence, which hasn’t made it comfortable for me to ask for help or open up to anyone. Even with my core group of friends, I found myself opening up and then instantly regretting it. Afraid that they’ll see too much of my mess. Afraid that I’ve exposed too much of myself. Afraid not of their reaction, but my inability to move past my own grief of a failed relationship. Grief that my daughter’s father will never be what she needs.

I didn’t value having a tribe for a long time. That fierce sense of independence got the best of me – I could do it all on my own. Or so I thought. I struggled for awhile finding my tribe – worried that my instincts were off and I would trust the wrong people, again. Finding your tribe and people you can open up too isn’t easy. I needed to find my tribe because I realized I couldn’t continue attempting to be a good mother or good friend without having emotional support, especially when I was in and out of court with my ex.

Read the rest of “Co-Parenting 101: Finding Your Own Tribe” over on The Cubicle Chick!