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Support a Family in Need this Holiday Season {URGENT}

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I wouldn’t be where I am in my life without the support and generosity of others. At 19 I found myself frozen staring down a positive pregnancy test. I was sure I couldn’t support a child, I had no money, no real plans for the future and an unstable relationship. The odds weren’t in my favor. I didn’t have money for much of anything and went on public assistance so I could afford a few things for my unborn child, but I knew it wouldn’t be enough. I was surprised with a baby shower from an organization that provided me emotional support during my pregnancy. I walked into a room full of smiling women all ready to shower me with gifts and love. I’ll never forget their generosity and I’ve been wanting to support a teen mom in need ever since that day.

I couldn’t think of a better way to pay it forward than by throwing Carrie and William, a baby shower for their son Warren. This holiday season I am asking you to support these new teen parents who have faced incredible love, joy and loss this year after the birth of their twin boys at just 24 weeks. After with talking with Carrie, 18, this week I realized we had a lot in common. The youngest of four, estranged from our biological parents and a strained childhood. When I think about resilience, Carrie absolutely embodies it. She was taken away from her home at 14 and raised herself and her older siblings.  I can’t fathom that she spend part of her pregnancy homeless and sometimes living in a tent. The many stressors of her life caused her premature labor, and they welcomed their boys on September 2, three months before their due date.

They knew they were in for an uphill battle, as the twins weighed just 1-pound at birth, but didn’t expect to lose one of their sons. At just six weeks old, little William Jr. passed away. A loss that is absolutely indescribable.

Carrie, William, William Jr and Warren

Carrie and William now live at Boston Children’s Hospital full-time spending every waking moment looking over Warren who grows stronger by the day. He is expected to be released this month after spending three months in the hospital.

Carrie, William, William Jr and Warren (1)

The young family knows that the road ahead will be difficult, but they are motivated by the love of their young son. Though they are in a place where they cannot afford many of items that they will need once they leave the hospital, and they need your help. We need your help.

Later this month, I’ll be throwing a baby shower for the family, as they weren’t able to have one before the twin’s birth. It’s my hope that together we can shower this family with much needed support and encouragement and make things a little easier for them.

How You Can Help:

Your help is critical and I hope you can join us as we prepare to give Warren a happy homecoming. Through the generosity of Sili of MyMamihood and her connection with Pampers the family will be receiving a “gift of sleep” package, but there is still a need. If you want to support the family in any way please consider getting involved in one or more of the following ways:

  • Purchase an item for Warren through their Amazon Wish list
  • Donate gently used baby boy clothing and gear
  • Attend Carrie’s baby shower in December near Boston (Date TBD)
  • Donate gift-cards to the family (Target, Amazon, Babies-R-US)
  • Donate money to help with funeral costs for William Jr.
  • Send an encouraging card to the family

If it’s possible please send any gifts wrapped, ready for the new parents to open. Warren is currently wearing size preemie and Carrie is breastfeeding. A gift of any size and any support of any kind is most welcome and very very appreciated.

I hope you’ll join us as we join together to give Warren a fighting chance by supporting him this holiday season. To pledge your support or for more information please email me at

I hope you will share the following image with friends, family and on your social networks. Let’s really shower Carrie, William and Warren.


Thank you!


Ferrero Rocher 25 Days of Wrapped in Gold Sweepstakes & Giveaway!

This post was created in partnership with Ferrero Rocher as part of the 25 Days Wrapped in Gold campaign.

We’ve gotten our first snow here in Boston over the past few days, and I must say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The colder weather has me craving a couple of things: my bed, warm pajamas, tea, and chocolate! It takes all my willpower not to buy all the assorted variety packs of chocolate at the store…I want them all!

Do you love chocolate, fabulous things, and being spoiled absolutely rotten? If your answer is YES then you will want to read on. The folks over at Ferreo Rocher are sure getting in the holiday spirit and have some fabulous chocolate goodies to give away for their 25 Days of Wrapped in Gold Sweepstakes! Every day between December 1 and December 25 head over to their Facebook page for your chance to win some indulgent prizes to make this holiday season unforgettable. Think: Gold Iphones, once-in-a-lifetime luxury trips, swoon-worth designer heels, jewelry fit for royalty, and chocolate. Lots. Of. Chocolate.

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Since we all love chocolate here, I wanted to give one of my readers some chocolate to eat or give as a gift. I suggest you eat it yourself :-) Enter below for a chance to win a 24-count box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Don’t they look delicious?!

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Keeping Your Family Safe this Holiday with @FellowesInc #IDSafetySeason

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With a daughter to shop for, nieces, a new nephew, and various friends to shop for this holiday season I’ve been doing a ton of online shopping and swiping of my credit card. I’ve just been shopping and shopping away assuming my purchases were safe and m privacy was maintained. A startling fact I just learned is that according to Javelin Strategy & Research, there was one incident of ID fraud every three seconds in 2012. Every. Three. Seconds. Let that sink in for a minute. I do a lot of my shopping online and I really just assume these sites are protected – but with identity theft happening so frequently, am I really safe? Who is really getting my information? With so many people shopping around the holiday season it’s no surprise that there is an increase of identity theft during the holidays, as many consumers are distracted and sharing confidential information like credit card numbers and bank information more frequently.

In addition to making purchases online and paying bills virtually I’m also getting and sending confidential information in the mail. It’s extremely scary to know that in an instant my identity of my daughter’s could be kidnapped. At this time of year especially I am highly aware of our privacy and safety in hopes to avid ever having to deal with this kind of violation.


Anyone else freaked to throw out anything with personal information on it? I’ll spend a few minutes ripping up those kinds of paper all in the effort to keep my identity private. Luckily, Fellowes, the leader in shredders, offers an extensive range of products to help keep and you’re your family’s identity safe. Perfect for finance-savvy Moms and paper-ridden college students, the P-12C’s slim profile design and innovative technologies make it a great choice (or gift) for at home and dorm room use.

Features include:

⁃ Cross-Cut blades that destroy 12 sheets of paper into approximately 309 particles per sheet, making it extremely difficult to reassemble

⁃ SafeSense® technology which automatically disables the shredder when hands touch the paper opening

⁃ The ability to shred credit cards, paper clips, staples and junk mail for added conveni

 If privacy is a concern for your family, make the investment to purchase one for your home. I’ve heard too many tragic stories of identity theft happening, while banks seem to be more accommodating when these kinds of situations occur – who wants to go through the hassle? At just $99.97, you can purchase the P-12C at Walmart Stores worldwide or online, and continue your efforts to keep your loved ones safe.

How do you keep your family safe from identity theft? 


Get in the Holiday Spirit with Target Men’s Ugly Sweater Gear! #hilariousholiday

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Last year my first year throwing an ugly sweater party. I remember going shopping with a friend of mine to find the ugliest sweaters for the party and it was pure hilarity! Clearly ugly sweaters aren’t just worn in the movies! I ended up rocking a black poncho with snowflakes and reindeer of course. I jazzed it up with some colorful bell earrings and looked super sweet in my ugly sweater!

Luckily ugly sweaters have become a fun opportunity for people to get a little silly around the holidays. With all the stress that envelopes the holidays, people need to get silly! Target Men wants guys to get in the holiday season and have come out with their own ugly sweater line of clothing and accessories.


Not like I needed another reason to love Target, but this line is so fun, what’s not love and appreciate! I headed into my local store to take a look at the items in person and they sure didn’t disappoint.

 PicMonkey Collage

 These are amazing!!!! But, the question is whom would you gift with one of these beauties? A spouse? Coworker? A yankee swap gift? At work we have a yankee swap at work – but it’s all females in our development office. The flasks are pretty cool and they may make a gift for a guy friend of mine this year – who can resist them?

Anyone else love this Target Men’s line as much as me? The line makes me wanna bust out my ugly sweater and have another paaaatayyy!


Get Your Shop On With Kmart and Sears Free In Store Pick Up Program

Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears and Kmart. All opinions expressed here are my own.

FREESTOREPICKUP-SearsKmart Free Store Pickup

With just 20 days until Christmas, the pressure is on to go out and shop for your friends and family. It really does feel like the holidays are the busiest time of the year! Between holiday parts, baking, decorating our house and seeing our family December always rushes by in our house. While I usually feel a lot of panic during this time of year rushing to get presents and stocking stuffers I was a bit proactive and purchased many gifts over the past couple of months (go me!) to save me the headache of trekking to the stores this month. My shopping early has proved to be a stress saver around such a generally stressful time of year.

If you are still purchasing presents this December, there is a way to make shopping at this time of year a bit less stressful – and that’s with FREE in store pickup of items. Both Sears and Kmart offer free in store pickup, letting you shop thousands of gifts online in the comfort of your own home before picking up your items in store in 5 minutes guaranteed (or whenever you’re ready). With in store pickup you’ll avoid lines, busy stores and the wasted time of walking down every aisle. The bow on top: You can have a friend or relative pick up your order and pay in store with cash, if you prefer. Which is awesome when your rushing to get kids to and from places!

FREE in store pickup at Sears and Kmart is a win-win during the holidays, and you should indeed try it out over the next few weeks! Now, what to do with all that free time you saved…. :-) Perhaps volunteering at a shelter, making gingerbread house, or maybe it’s as simple as putting your feet up with a warm cup of hot chocolate….yup that sounds nice! Learn more about FREE in store pickup by visiting Sears: and Kmart: