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Work & Play Made Easy with my Intel 2 in 1! #Intel2in1

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September is always a crazy busy month for us. I’m juggling getting organized with back to school, a very busy work schedule, as well as tons of birthdays. First it’s my daughter’s birthday, my best friends, mine, then my nephew’s. All next weekend will be various birthday festivities, and I’m not even sure I’m ready! Oh and on top of all of this I’m juggling providing engaging and relevant content on my blog. During the summer blogging took a needed backseat so I could go out and make memories with my kiddo and was lucky enough to travel a bit during the end of the summer.

Packing our tech gadgets during our travel adventures proved to be quite the task. My daughter had her kindle and ipod, my boyfriend had his ipad and I had my tablet but knew that wasn’t going to be enough since I needed to create blog posts while out of town, so it was a no brainer to pack my Intel 2 in 1 device. Since my beloved laptop crapped the bed earlier this year, it’s been difficult to juggle all of my blogging responsibilities at home and I was so used to my laptop and how everything worked that it took some time adjusting to my Intel 2 in 1 tablet.


So instead of lugging around a ridiculously large laptop I easily packed my 2 in 1 and was easily able to work on the go while taking in the beautiful scenery of the mountains up in the Adirondacks. Our much needed vacation was a chance to slow down and rejuvenate before a busy Fall and the 2 in 1 definitely fit in the mix and was easy to use and maneuver and so lightweight and easy to carry around.

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The portability and ease of use of 2 in 1 devices can’t be matched and it’s now a staple in our household and will be brought along on our upcoming vacation to Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island next week!


Head to Edaville USA for Family Fun this Weekend! #ad

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With school winding down in a few weeks, sprinklers providing endless fun for kids, and the sun beaming bright I’m happy to say – summer is FINALLY here!! Like many other families once the weather gets nice you’ll find my daughter and I spending long days outdoors at different attractions here in New England. During the warmer months there are tons of great family friendly events in and around the Boston area. This weekend we’ll be heading down to Carver, MA to Edaville USA, a special events park with vintage amusement rides sure to keep your kids busy! This weekend will feature a Day Out with Thomas – a family event centered around the Thomas the Tank Engine and a 20 minute train ride! Oh and did I mention Edaville has FREE parking?! Also helpful: all park rides and attractions included in your admission! Be sure to check out their events calendar to see what different children’s characters will be featured over the summer months!

ufund dreams tour logo_4c

As my daughter wraps up 2nd grade she can’t help but remind me she’s turning NINE in three short months and that she’ll be 18 in just ten years (YIKES!). While I encourage her to stay young, I’m also encouraging her to pursue her passions which currently include acting, singing, and of course, dancing. I’ll be excited to stop by the U.Fund Dreams Tour this weekend at Edaville and help show my daughter that the sky truly is the limit. Through a series of small hands-on activities the U.Fund Dreams Tour is helping kids imagine the endless possibilities their futures hold. While your child is picturing themselves as an astronaut, rock star or teacher in front of a green screen you’ll have the opportunity to learn about saving for college and supporting your child’s hopes for the future.

I hope to see you there!


Help – This Single Mom Doesn’t Budget!

U.S. Coins and Paper Money


I have a confession—I don’t have a budget.

Sure, I’ve created them a few times, but actually sticking to them, nope. Once I entered the professional world in my early twenties, I wasn’t making great money (not that I am now) but I was sure I didn’t need a budget on my limited income. As time has gone by and my expenses have grown and gotten more complicated I find myself forever playing catch up on my bills and making somewhat impulsive and unnecessary purchases. I’ve got this chick, Sallie Mae, on my back every month wanting me to cough up ridiculous amounts of money I don’t have to pay for my fancy education. I don’t check my bank statement nearly as much as I should (though I did after the Target scandal) and it’s often because of fear.

I don’t want to face things that will cause me further stress. I don’t want to face not having enough in my savings account to support my daughter and me in the event I wasn’t able to work. Not having a budget and not being smarter about my spending in saving is something I can’t ignore any longer, and is a big priority for me this year.

Clearly I’m doing something right if I’ve managed to hold down my own apartment since I was 21. My bills get paid, sometimes late, but they get paid…eventually. Within the past couple of years I’ve made some smart investment choices with securing rental and life insurance. I understand when I make good decisions and I know when I make not so good decisions…like avoiding my frenemy Sallie when she calls…and emails….and calls. I’m in denial – I work in nonprofit and yes, the rumors about pay in the nonprofit field are correct – even with years of professional experience and a four year degree, I’m underpaid. But that’s no reason to not be smarter about my money.

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[Lessons From A Student Mama] The Mistake Of Trying To Do Too Much While Balancing School And Family


For years before I graduated from college in 2011 I imagined my graduation day.

I’d wrap myself in a long gown, and attempt to fight back tears, tears of years of sacrifice and struggle. Trying to steady myself on the seemingly long walk to the stage to accept my diploma I’d search in the crowd for my loved ones and my daughter waving frantically wanting to ensure her Mommy saw her. I’d close my eyes, hear my name and slowly walk on the stage, praying I wouldn’t fall. With a frantically beating heart I’d smile wide all while thinking I did it. I did it. I finally did it.

My graduation day was a dream I had ever since I re-enrolled in college two years after my daughter was born.

Every student dreams about their Graduation day, a day of celebration and excitement. It can seem out of your reach when you’re in the midst of studying for exams and burning the midnight oil. And for those who juggle parenthood and employment alongside being a student the journey to securing a degree can at times seem daunting. That image of walking across the stage to accept my college diploma was, at times, the only thing that kept me from walking away from pursuing a higher education.

As I look back at the five total years I spent being a student, I’m in complete awe that I was able to prioritize my education. Though I had two older siblings that were in college, it wasn’t something that was ever pushed on me or encouraged. I figured I should go because I didn’t want to be stuck in my small town forever, but I didn’t take it seriously. It wasn’t until after I had my daughter that I realized having a degree would open more doors and could help me provide a brighter future for us.


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Battling Sleep Apnea As A Young Mom


Like many mothers I am forever on the go. From rushing in the morning to get my daughter and I prepared for the day, to preparing for events and meetings at work, and then sorting through laundry and helping my daughter with her homework in the evenings. By the time I put her to bed I’m ready to knock out – I have positively no energy left for anything. Pair that with an interrupted night’s sleep, and it’s no wonder I’m fatigued all.the.damn.time.

The last time I can remember sleeping through the night was back in 2007. Yup, that’s right. This Mom hasn’t had an uninterrupted night of sleep in over seven years. At first I was sure all the stressors of juggling work, school, and motherhood were the reasons I wasn’t able to sleep at night. As a highly anxious person I never am fully able to relax and drift off to sleepyland. After several sleeping medications failed me I was referred to a sleep specialist and neurologist, who after various testing and a sleep study diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea in 2009.

While many are able to sleep through the night soundly, those like me who suffer from sleep apnea don’t have that luxury. “Apnea” in Greek translates to “without breath” and those with apnea experience pauses in their breathing during sleep, their airways don’t stay open and it signals their brain to wake up. This scary pattern happens to me five to eight times a night and it can take me up to an hour to get back to sleep. As you can imagine I never wake up feeling rested or refreshed; instead I’m grumpy, annoyed and exhausted. When obstructive sleep apnea is left untreated it can have serious side effects – many of which I’m experiencing now.

Since being diagnosed my symptoms from having untreated apnea have worsened, even though my apnea is considered ‘mild’. Any mom knows any disruption in sleep is dangerous – for everyone. The chronic exhaustion has led to a disinterest in being social; I have difficulty remembering experiences and words. Combine that with being highly irritable and anxious, an increase in weight, and feeling depressed – I’m a ticking time bomb. Most weekends I don’t want to be bothered and want to curl up in my bed. Other risks for obstructive apnea include high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

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