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Taking the High Road While Co-Parenting During The Holidays



My daughter couldn’t be more excited for the holidays. Together we’ve started decorating our home, a big red bow on our door, Christmas lights adorn our entertainment center, and Christmas carols help us get ready in the morning. A crucial piece of the holidays is the presence of her co-parent, who isn’t my biggest fan. Being involved in a high-conflict co-parenting relationship during the holidays isn’t always so fun. It often causes headaches and additional stress – and who really needs any additional stress at this time of year? Taking the high road to co-parenting during the holidays can be really tough, and requires you to stop thinking so much about yourself, and more about your child’s happiness.

During the season of joy and happiness, I spend a lot of time thinking about how best to communicate with my co-parent during the holidays. I find it hard to swallow my immense dislike for his usual unreliability and disrespect and assume he’ll play more a role in our daughter’s like during the holidays. But I try—for our daughter. For awhile I really thought the love of my family could blanket her heart with all the love she would ever need. I completely disregarded her father’s side of the family, every last one, based on her grandfather’s behavior and our continuously rocky relationship. I didn’t take into account the love they all shared for our daughter, and held them all accountable for her father’s behavior. Our daughter is amazing, and no I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom. There is something so wonderful about being in her presence, in seeing her smile, in being part of her warmth. She is lucky to have so many people who love her and want to spend time with her. And since I love her more than I dislike them, I take the high road during the holidays.

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[Co-Parenting Matters] Talking To Your Child About Your Ex



As much as I have grown thorough my experience co-parenting over the past six years there are still much for me to learn.

I admit, I can be quite stubborn and there are certain things I will not budge on, and this causes severe tension between my co-parent and I. It’s fair to  say I hold quite a bit of anger towards him, which is quite unhealthy and has affected both my personal and professional life. Most importantly it’s affected how I communicate about him with our daughter.

I have the ferocity and strength of a mama bear protecting her cub when it comes to my daughter. And over the years I’ve felt the need to protect her…from her own father. Her little heart can only take so many letdowns and she shouldn’t cry over him and his broken promises. I internalize all of how she feels, and at times I feel like a ball of rage. At times feeling absolutely unable to console her or to make our overall situation any better.

When she talked about him, my body language changed, my eyes shifted and became just slivers. There was no conversation, she would talk and I would listen. But not really. One night while home watching the child he and I made sleep the night away, I wept. I wept for the man he wasn’t. I wept for her sorrows. I wept that I couldn’t protect her.

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I’m a Guest Contributor at The Cubicle Chick!

This blogging journey has been pretty spectacular. Through writing I’ve been able to connect with readers who have turned into friends. I’ve been given opportunities that have helped to support my family, and I’ve been able to heal. I write to help myself heal. Blogging has been an amazing platform to share my voice and make connections, and I’ve been working on spreading my voice through other blogs.

When I saw a guest contributor position open at the lifestyle blog The Cubicle Chick I immediately ignored it – this dynamic blog has thousands of readers, me and my little blog stood no chance. Then I had to take a step back and think about why I’m blogging in the first place – and I reconsidered applying. You see I have this terrible terrible habit of not giving myself enough credit. I immediately count myself out before I try. I’m working through why I limit myself so much, because it’s quite debilitating.

But in this case I threw out my insecurities and applied. I’ve been a fan of Danyelle of The Cubicle Chick for years, and really admire her juggling parenthood and blogging. She must have received hundreds of applications I thought…but then I got an email back saying she’d like me to join as a contributor! I almost didn’t believe what I was reading! I’m super pleased to announce I’m now a guest contributor focusing co-parenting!!


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