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Capital One: Taking Boston by Storm AND Investing in the Community

Thank you Capital One for sponsoring this post.


It’s hard to believe that I opened my very first bank account back in 1998! Since then, I’ve switched banks multiple times as my needs and family grew and expanded. Here in Boston, there are a ton of options for your various banking needs, and when I was searching for a new bank a couple of years ago, I spent a ton of time researching and comparing benefits – however one bank stood out to me: Capital One. I’ve been a satisfied customer for two years now, and continue to encourage friends and family to switch their banking to Capital One because of my experience with the company. In addition to the array of services online and a great mobile app, I have also been incredibly impressed with Capital One’s philosophy on philanthropy, community focus, employee empowerment and giving back.


As someone who is drawn to community service and believes we are all responsible for the success and failure of our communities, I appreciate companies that prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR) and weave it into their business practices. In celebration of Giving Tuesday, Capital One hosted a panel discussion at their Back Bay Café focused on “Investing and Impacting the Community for Good.” Panelists included leaders at the Capital One Foundation, the Red Sox Foundation and Harpoon Brewery, and the conversation was moderated by TODAY Show correspondent Mario Armstrong. There are several ways companies can invest in CSR, and panelists shared the unique ways that their companies invest in the communities that their employees live and work in, underscoring how it not only boosts employee morale, but has alos been an important learning opportunity about employee empowerment. Be sure to view a full recording of the talk here.


Impact can take on many meanings, but one thing is for sure. It takes action. And it can often start with one person.

Don’t know much about Capital One? Good thing I’m here! Rhe company brought their Café concept to the area a couple of years ago and have since opened five locations and will soon be expanding their local presence. My local Café is in Harvard Square and it’s such a fun untraditional bank-like atmosphere. Complete with brand ambassadors ready and willing to answer all your questions, an ATM, and local Peets coffee, it’s a great place to hang out and bank. It’s all part of how Capital One is redesigning the banking experience to empower their customers to feel confident about their relationship with money. No standing in a long silent line and no huge barriers between you and a teller. It’s kind of like hanging out with an old friend. Another benefit? Money workshops within the Cafés that offer 1:1 coaching sessions for f-r-e-e, which is an industry first.



As a Capital One customer I can go on and on about the services and benefits there are, but I truly believe you’ve got to fully experience the range of services to be a true believer.

So, what are you waiting for?


Five Must Have Xfinity by Comcast Features to Make Families Lives Easier!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Comcast New England. I received Comcast swag and a NEST. All opinions, as always are my own.



As a long time customer of Comcast I was excited to visit the Somerville, MA Comcast retail store with local Boston bloggers to learn about a variety of options available to Comcast customers. I assumed I knew all there was to know about Comcast, given I’ve had various levels of service throughout the years, man was I wrong! There are incredibly valuable programs for homes and families that are not only affordable but ultimately make our lives easier. I don’t know about you, but between juggling an active 10 year old, work, a social life, a blog and a pregnancy I absolutely need ways to make our lives easier. Breathe easy folks, Comcast is here! Their new retail stores in the Greater Boston area (Somerville, Danvers, Burlington, Nashua, Mansfield) are comfortable and informative stores that encourage new and existing customers to stop by and talk through the array of services they provide. From home security to internet to the much talked about voice remote Comcast strives to make the retail experience approachable and offers self install kits as well as options to schedule to have a technician visit your home. With so many options, I wanted to break down the top features I was most excited about:


  1. Parental Controls & Kid Zone // The Scoop: As much as we may want to send our kids off with a tablet to watch a show or movie, it’s often hard to because of the range of options that exist. Within the X1 interactive platform parents have the opportunity to use parental controls to limit what kids can watch and for how long with Kids Zone. A suggestion from a Comcast employee and parent, Kids Zone is a -free- kid friendly programming platform that includes a detailed rating scale and parental description for parents as well as the ability to limit the options kids have access to based on specific age ranges. kidszoneOnly want kids to watch TV for 30 minutes? No problem. Don’t want them to have access to PG-13 movies? No problem. Kids Zone offers independent secure viewing, that means you don’t have to constantly peek in and monitor your kids. That’s right parents, take a shower without worrying about kids navigating to a show or movie you don’t approve of. Parents everywhere, rejoice!
  2. Xfinity Share // The Scoop: This summer my kiddo attended three camps which all had performances and this school year she’ll have a running list of activities she wants to participate in. I love how active she is and I love being able to share all of her performances with friends and family who aren’t able to attend every event. xfinity-share-birthdayWith the Share App feature from Comcast, customers can share a live stream of anything, including your kiddo’s performance from your smartphone to the TV of anyone you want (as long as they have a Comcast account!). Now you can ensure everyone can watch those special moments in real time and Comcast records each stream so you can replay another time! The Share App doesn’t just share videos – send your favorite photos as well! Winning!
  1. Xfinity Home Security System // The Scoop: My daughter entered 5th grade this fall and asked for more independence. Previously she attended after school everyday since Kindergarten – but apparently in 5th grade your 10 year old thinks she is 25 and wants to ride the bus home and walk home alone from the bus and wait for you at home. I almost passed out. Our kids are growing up, however it doesn’t mean we can’t keep them safe if we’re not around. Enter Xfinity Home! I had NO idea this program existed and I am so glad I do now and I know you will too! Xfinity Home is a fully customizable residential security and home monitoring system.slideshow-home-app-x1-8  We’re talking sensors, cameras and more, all accessible from your smartphone. Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids or want to keep your home safe when you’re away, customers can setup motion (over 100lbs) and light sensors as well as alerts that will send a text -and- photo. Asked your daughter to go to bed and she closes her door and decides to have a solo dance party? With a couple of clicks on your smartphone you can turn her light off! Additionally, you can program when to have lights go on and off. Catching a theme here? E-A-S-Y! In the event that an alarm is triggered the account owner will be contacted as well as local law enforcement! How can I forget that Xfinity Home is also compatible with the NEST Learning Thermostat? One of the amazing items we received at the #XfinityMoms event was a NEST Learning Thermostat, I had heard about it but didn’t realize it would literally change my life! With the NEST, you can easily control the temperature of your hom from your smartphone. Over time, your NEST learns when you like your home colder or warmer and will adjust accordingly. I. Am. In. Love. The base Xfinity Home package includes three window sensors and psst if you sign up by the end of September you can get -free- installation and the service is extremely affordable at $19.99/month. $20 a month to ensure my home is safe and secure? Seems like a no-brainer to me!
  1. Xfinity TV // The Scoop: Of all the features I learned about, Xfinity TV is the one I knew about prior to the #XfinityMoms event and use daily (when I don’t fall asleep at 9pm!). Xfinity TV is -free- for every Comcast TV customer and allows you to movies, shows and live TV from a tablet or phone wherever you are. xfinity-tv-app-devicesWith Xfinity TV your favorite shows and movies go wherever you are so you don’t have to miss anything! I mainly use the app to watch movies, but occasionally we’ll stream TV and it’s such a nice option since we removed cable from our account earlier this year. Customers can also save recordings to a mobile device without running up your precious data! Choose between thousands of On Demand TV show and movie options. With so many options, where do you start?!
  1. Xfinity Apps // The Scoop: To continue with the theme of easy, Comcast has a variety of -free- apps for customers to enjoy their entertainment and features from your fingertips:
  • Xfinity My Account – I have this!! With this app easily access your account, pay bills, schedule a time for a customer service rep to call -you-, schedule tech appointments, reset your modem, troubleshoot and change your Wi-Fi settings. Must have app if you are a customer!
  • Xfinity Home – Easily monitor your home security, kids, pets and more on the go. Additionally you can scroll through live feeds of all cameras you have setup in your home.
  • Xfinity Share – Easily share your favorite videos and photos with friends and

Comcast is on a mission: adapt to the busy lifestyles of their customers and make their lives easier. They firmly believe that they should fit into their customers lives, not the other way around. With the addition of their retail stores and apps, they are indeed ensuring that all customers are taken care of at home and while at home. In addition to the above features, customers can easily tweet to @ComcastCares with questions and concerns. They have made an organizational commitment to respond to all tweets within 20 minutes! In the event you need a house call, their techs have a 98.7% on-time arrival rate for scheduled appointments. Want more? No problem. As someone who is passionate about serving the community, I was extremely excited to learn about how Comcast has changed the lives of low income families. Through their Internet Essentials Program, they have provided 750,000 families internet services at no cost, with almost 19,000 users in Massachusetts alone. Not only are they committed to providing stellar service and programming, but they are committed to serving -all- in the community. Absolutely incredible!

Thank you so much to Kristin of Misadventures in Mommyhood and Comcast New England for such a fun and informative event!

Thank You! #XfinityMoms


This Weekend: Run & Ride at the Kids Only Duathlon at CambridgeSide & Old Navy Giveaway

This is a sponsored post with Leary & Co., Inc. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.


Looking for a fun way for your kids to burn off some summer energy? This weekend, the CambridgeSide hosts the 7th annual, kids only duathlon! A combination of biking and running, the duathlon is a FREE event for all kids ages 5-13 and is handicapped accessible. This fun event is not timed and includes prizes, race t-shirts, giveaways, entertainment and more! My daughter and her friend can’t wait to participate in the Ride & Run on Sunday, they are looking forward to spending some time outside having fun! She competed in a triathlon two years ago and has been eager to get back in a race, so this is perfect! All event elements are first come, first served. While supplies last.

Where: CambridgeSide, Cambridge, MA | Race begins at Canal Park

When: Sunday, July 31 | Registration starts at 8:30AM and event begins at 10AM

Who: Kids ages 5-13

Register: Pre-register or Sunday at the Ride & Run

Through the generosity of the CambridgeSide, I’m offering one $50 Old Navy giftcard to a reader! Entry in the giveaway is not contingent on registering for the race. I think many of you may enjoy this as we go into August and back to school shopping!

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Happy Summer & we hope to see you there!