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We’ve been a car free family for six years now. Luckily, living just outside of Boston, it is pretty easy to get around via public transportation, walking, biking and the occasional car rental. We are a family that makes it work! With the arrival of baby number two in February I am once again the “bag lady” and carrying around 28 bags and two children is tough! Possible, but tough! I miss the convenience of having a vehicle, especially in the summer when we often want to pick up and go on adventure! Though I sure don’t miss having a car note!

I’ve been leaning heavily towards leasing or purchasing a car, especially as I forecast commuting in the winter with two kids! It’s hard to know where to start looking for suggestions on affordable, safe, family oriented cars that can take our entire family (dog included) to our destinations smooth and safe. Luckily, for non-car-savvy people like me, there is a solution –! Choosing a car takes time and research and for me it’s all about the feeling I get when I get behind the steering wheel and start driving. One of the largest automotive sites, wants to take the frustration out of the car choosing and buying process and connected consumers with local dealers all across the country. And, to make things easier, they have an easy to use mobile app so you can browse through used and new cars at your fingertips. Hooray for technology that makes our lives easier! Looking to sell your vehicle? You’re in luck, helps shoppers buy, sell and service their cars. A literal one stop automotive stop!

As much as I’d love an SUV like a Kia Sorrento (like my sister) or maybe a Highlander, I’m keeping an open mind as we slowly dip into car buying. Well, that’s not entirely true. I refuse to drive a mini-van. Nooooo, thank you!! Though with four adults, one dog and a partridge in a pear tree maybe a mini-van is in our future!!

Help – what are your tips for shopping for a family car? Tell me everything!

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