About Me

I’m a passionate high-spirited Boston blogger; who’s spent the last nine years giving countless kisses to a walking piece of the future. Somewhere in the middle of a crazy Venn diagram is where you’ll find me. Responsible mom intersects wannabe party girl intersects goody-two-shoes volunteer intersects no-nonsense straight-talk intersects girl-next-door from the burbs intersects savvy city chick.

Four years ago I began blogging as an escape, a way to reflect, to heal. Along with my fiery and outgoing personality comes a desire to learn and grow from my past. While sharing my experiences and encouraging my readers, I’ve been able to connect with others nearby and distant. My goal: create a place to talk life, parenting, and all the delight and struggle that come along with not only being a mother, but also a woman. It’s not all reflection here; you’ll find product reviews, my thoughts on news and events, my journey in healthy living, fitness, quotes I adore, and more. Much more. :)

My posts share common themes about courage, strength, and authenticity. A former teen parent who’s been misjudged, choosing to live life on purpose on her own terms. Life has an amazing way of unfolding in ways you never would have expected. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that regardless of the obstacles you face, the despair you feel, the hurt in your heart, you have the ability to persevere and endure.

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Susan says:

Really enjoyed your blog. I will grab your button for my website.

Chasiti says:

I love your blogs. Keep up the good work.

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