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Spunky, sassy and full of irresistible charm, Alexandra Elizabeth is nothing short of amazing.

My life is jam-packed with experiences that have molded me into the empowered woman I am today.  Boston is my home and this blog is my release: my place to reflect, heal. My two children are my lifelines, my heartbeats, and the rays of sunshine that have guided me on my journey of self-discovery. This blog is for you, for me, and for them. Each post I write comes from a place of vulnerability and lets you into my adventurous world.

Who I am and what I hope to achieve is deeply rooted in my past. Strength is what truly defines me. I was raised in a home where love ceased to exist and pain abounded. Heart-wrenching pain. At the age of 19 I gave birth to my daughter and spent several years after that navigating life as a single mother. My daughter, Solana, opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to discover self-love so that I could be the mother she needed. Life as a single mother was full of challenges and I often felt I was drowning. Despite the odds stacked against me, I did everything I could to create the best life I could for her.  I went back to college, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree and somehow managed to balance being a student and single mother with a full-time career. Through her, I have been able to find my purpose  in the mess of life. My baby boy, Hunter, became the newest addition to our family in February 2017. Everything I do is for them.

It took my years to open my eyes to the world and what a treasure it is. Follow me on a journey of empowerment, showing the real side of parenting, inspiration, reviews travel ideas and more. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I am fully present and living.

Join me.



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Susan says:

Really enjoyed your blog. I will grab your button for my website.

Chasiti says:

I love your blogs. Keep up the good work.

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