Back 2 School with Kmart #KmartBackToSchool

Presented by Mami Innovative Media, this is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart #BackToSchool blogger, though all opinions are my own.

I feel like I work so hard year round to bask in the glory and warmth of Summer. I always have high hopes for the summer and weekends are always packed with cookouts, beach days, and outdoor adventures. And then in what seems like a blink of an eye it’s Fall. Which means back to school. Unlike other families, I kind of dread back to school, my daughter’s schedule gets more hectic and our time isn’t as flexible as it is during the summer – AND it gets dark earlier. Not good at all.

I’m one who always needs to *CALM DOWN* – my friends tell me, my co-workers tell me, I tell me. So when I stumbled across Kmart’s cute video titled “My Limo” by Da Rich Kidzz, it made me giggle and not feel as crazed about the upcoming school year.

About the video: Da Rich Kidzz, a group of kid rappers from Minneapolis ranging in age from 10 – 13 years old, have teamed up with Kmart and Shop Your Way to make a hip-hop music video all about riding their school bus back-to-school in style.

My daughter rides the school bus half the week during the school year, and each day she gets on the bus it gives me EXTREME anxiety, even though she rides with a neighborhood friend. After watching the video I smiled thinking of my daughter (the next musical prodigy) singing this song on her way to school in the morning. It’s a cute video and it’s great to see youth doing something positive like making a video and getting excited about school. Having a positive attitude about going back to school is so important, and this video definitely brought a smile to my face. Though I worry that my daughter will now request a limo for her ride to school lol.

Next video to hit the streets? Featuring yours truly rapping (successfully hopefully) about riding the local transit and comparing it to riding in a Lamborghini (which I’ve never rode in) lol. Stay tuned!!

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Lua says:

I love the new KMart commercials! They crack me up!

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