A Better Pharmacy Experience with Target Pharmacy & $50 Target Giveaway #TargetSponsored

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Over the past six months my relatively healthy kiddo has had one health issue after the other. We’ve been back in forth to the hospital and Doctor’s office trying to come up with a treatment plan to nurse her back to good health. This has also meant we’ve spent time in our local pharmacies waiting for prescriptions to be filled and talking with the pharmacist about dosage amounts and side effects. I’m a worried mom and customer service especially with new prescriptions is important to me before I leave and go home. And that’s why our family visits our local Target Pharmacy – they make feeling better, better.

Whether you’re dealing with a sick child or refilling your monthly prescriptions, Target Pharmacy is committed to making your pharmacy experience more efficient, easier and overall a better experience. Often times when I visit other smaller pharmacies I feel like just a number in a sea of impatient cashiers who is rushing to get to everyone in line. I want to leave feeling confident that I understand my new medication and how and when to take it. Customer service is crucial and they were recently ranked “highest in customer satisfaction among mass merchandiser pharmacies by J.D. Power.”

So why choose Target as your primary pharmacy? The features are impressive – and for the entire month of April their focus is “Fill once. Earn twice. During Double Credit Days.” Read below for more ways Target Pharmacy is bringing you a refreshing approach to pharmacy:

  • Flip the Script makes it easy to transfer to Target Pharmacy and can be done in-store, online or on your mobile device.
  • Experience Pharmacy Rewards like never before. April is the perfect time to fill your scripts at because it’s Double Credit Days where you can earn rewards on stuff you love is quick and easy. Here’s how:
    • Fill once. Earn twice. During Double Credit Days (entire month of April), you can earn rewards twice as fast and get 5% off the entire store—for a whole day!
    • Guests earn 5% off certificate after filling 5 scripts.
    • Fill your 5% shopping day faster by getting vaccinations. In fact, you can add family members to one account to get to five, faster.

If you are like me I go into Target with a short list and end up filling an entire truck with bags and things I didn’t know I needed or wanted! While the prices are affordable, I love to save a few dollars – and that is exactly what’s happened since I began filling my scripts at Target Pharmacy. By simply making the switch I’m getting rewarded, and it couldn’t be any easier!

I loved Target before – but love it even more now…I wasn’t even sure that was possible! For those of you who have Target’s close to you have you used Target Pharmacy before and/or would you considering “flipping the script”?

And now a special treat for my fellow Target lovers – a chance to win a $50 Target e-giftcard!

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Happy Target Shopping!


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64 Responses to “A Better Pharmacy Experience with Target Pharmacy & $50 Target Giveaway #TargetSponsored”

Sarahviz says:

I have never considered Target pharmacy b/c our local CVS is closer and more convenient.

Keyonda says:

I love target so if that means I can go and get my meds and shop all at one place I’m down:) some pharmacies make you wake forever and charge you so much that you would rather not get your medication. Sad but true. Great post!

I haven’t used the pharmacy at Target yet mainly b/c the CVS is so close to the kids’ doctors office.

Hi! I’m a new follower! Great blog and awesome giveaway! Looking forward to reading more :)

HS says:

I sure will consider using Target pharmacy if given the chance.

I love Target but have never used their pharmacy. But just from what you tell me, I should give them a try.

I would definitely consider Target Pharmacy! I already shop Target for household items so why not?

It’s always convenient having your pharmacy subscription where you are going to shop for other items anyway! Sounds like a great idea to me!

Kelly D says:

Yes, I am always open to switching my pharmacy.

Absolutely! They’re my primary pharmacy now. Target’s great!

Alena P says:

I actually have used Targets pharmacy and absolutely love it! I am in Target 3 times a week, so I love that everything is there. It is VERY convenient!

Linda S. says:

I would consider using Target pharmacy. A new Target is opening near me later this year, and I like their packaging for drugs–a good emphasis on patient safety.

Rocio says:

Totally, love Target already for everything else they carry 😉

Anna Belle says:

I get almost everything else at Target so it makes sense!

jaime says:

yes i definitely would seeing as i am at target alot!

Leslie says:

I’ve used Target pharmacy before and love that each family member gets a color code. It makes it so much easier to see and know who’s medicine is who’s.

Katie H says:

I’ve used them before and liked the service we got!

D Schmidt says:

I would consider using it due to the convenience and $4 generics.

Janet W. says:

Yes, I would definitely consider using Target pharmacy. Very convenient!

Jessica Beard says:

Yes, I have considered it, but it is a little farther away.

Susan says:

I already do! LOVE my pharmacist and love the extra 5% off I get with the pharmacy rewards. I take quite a few meds so it works out well for me AND for Target! Ha!

April says:

I have used Target pharmacy in the past. It’s nice to do a little fun shopping while waiting for your meds!

Francine Anchondo says:

Yes I would consider it.

meredith says:

definitely – since I would shop while i wait

I love the idea of a no nonsense pharmacy experience like this one. I’m not really good at collecting rewards so I also like the fact that they tally your rewards for you and then give you a shopping discount at Target. It doesn’t get any better than that, in my opinion.



Leidy says:

Yes I would consider it, specially because I already shop at target at least twice a week

Paula J says:

Hi Alexandra!! Thanks for stopping my blog and saying hello. It’s always cool to meet bloggers which live relatively close to you :))

Stephanie Grant says:

I love shopping at Target, they have a wonderful selection at some fantastic prices :)

Elle says:

Yes, I would use Target Pharmacy and I really like their rewards program for their customers.

Dawn Monroe says:

I would consider them if the Target was closer to my house.

Tiffany Dustin says:

I already use the Target pharmacy!

Gina M says:

I would love to try out Target Pharmacy. I didn’t know about their rewards program, and it sounds like it would be a nice perk.

Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

Thanks for the chance to win!
wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

Lisa Brown says:

I f I had a location close by, yes, I definately would use their pharmacy.

Elena says:

yes, I would consider using Target pharmacy

soha molina says:

I would use Target pharmacy,

Mary Happymommy says:

I would consider using Target Pharmacy. I like the 5% shopping day discount.

Stephanie says:

yes i would i love target

steven weber says:

Yes, I will consider using it, since it has a nice rewards program

Bridget Heiple Reich says:

Yes, I would consider it. I’m there all the time anyway! :)

Claire says:


Tabathia B says:

Yes I would try it for the inexpensive generics

kellie rose wilson says:

I would consider it because there is a Target store right near my home.

amy pugmire says:

yes. I love they’re rewards program and that i can shop instead of waiting for them to fill it.

Jessica W says:

I would definitely! I love the idea of the text alerts!

shelly peterson says:

Yes I would. I already love shopping there.

Heather Hayes Panjon says:

Yes, I’d Consider Using The Target Pharmacy , I Love All The Features And Rewards Offered!

tammy shelton says:

I will use the my Target’s Pharmacy if/when I get a prescription to be filled.

Cheryl Rogers says:

I would consider using Target, I would need an incentive to change all my prescriptions there though, because my local drugstore is more convenient.

mita says:

Yes I would. I love Target!

Carolsue says:

Sure if they took our insurance! Our Target doesn’t have a pharmacy, though.

Laura J says:

Oh I sure would! I love that they have the $4 generics!!! And…the reward program….that would be so great since you already need to pick up your prescriptions anyway!

Janice Cooper says:

I love Target and definitely would consider using their Pharmacy. Plus you get rewards which I like.

Claudia says:

yes,I would consider using Target pharmacy, for the 4 dollars generics, pharmacy rewards , Thank you!

Dina J says:

I have used the Target Pharmacy in the past when I needed a prescription for the Flu. I loved the pill bottle design and I really like the text alerts!

Alaine says:

Yes, I have used them before.

Jonathan G says:

I would consider it, if it was the closest pharmacy to me.

Kayte CookWatts says:

Yes, we just had a City Target open downtown.

i used to use target as my pharmacy awhile ago but now i use a local pharmacy and they are great!

Amanda Sakovitz says:

Yes I would definitely consider using their pharmacy!

courtney b says:

yes i would! especially since there is one right down the street

Lisa Neutel says:

I would def. use Taget pharmacy, who doesn’t love a one stop shop…

Thomas Murphy says:

Yes I would try Target Pharmacy

Steph Bkn says:

Its not close enough to us to consider it as an option :(

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