2017 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

mother's day gift ideas

Give Her Some Food! Pangea Nutrition – The Modern Mediterranean Diet: With this science-based meal planning delivery service Moms can enjoy skipping the grocery store for once! A diet rooted in the lifestyle and dietary patterns of people in the Mediterranean, and research show they live longer and healthier lives. A week’s worth of fresh healthy ingredients delivered by Amazon Fresh includes all you’d need for 3 lunches, 3 dinner AND snacks for two people! Prepare recipes like Chicken Parmesan with Pasta and Spinach Salad and Honey Glazed Salmon with Butternut Squash, Pecans and an Arugula Salad. Everything you need to make delicious healthy food conveniently delivered to your doorstep? I call that #winning.

Perfect For: The Mom who is always cooking for herself, her family and basically everyone. The Mom who enjoys trying different cuisines.

Retail Value: One week of food for two is $150.

Give Her Hydration! Nalgene®: I wake up with audacious goals like drink 186 gallons of water today! Ok ok maybe not 186, I’m trying to get to at least one! It’s so hard, being on the go so much I often forget to drink enough which directly affects my milk supply. Not good! We could all drink a little more and with Nalgene® products they have products for every Mom. From SuperHero Moms to ones that like some glitter to ones that is always-on-the-go and “squeezing” fun and activity into everyday? They’ve got ya covered! Even better? All Nalgene® bottles are affordable, leak-proof, dishwasher safe and carry a lifetime guarantee.

Perfect For: Every Mom.

Retail Value: Starts at $4.94.

Give Her Some Wine! Church & State Wines – Lost Inhibitions: Can I be honest? K, thanks. After an awful pregnancy, I was SO EXCITED to indulge in some wine once my son was born on Super Bowl Sunday. But, I’m unsure why no one has gifted me this amazing wine! I’m a firecracker and I LOVE TO LAUGH and love to make other people laugh, so it’s no surprise I love Church & State Wines, specifically the Lost Inhibitions line. Wine + Funny = Irresistible! Wine made to enjoy with people you love with amazing and honest labels any Mom is sure to agree with. If they love wine. With labels like “Oh Yeah Post This” and “We Should Do This More Often” you’re sure to get crack a smile on the special Mom in your life with this unique gift. Friends, please be 21+ and drink responsibly.

Perfect For: The Mom who needs deserves a time-out and loves wine. And having fun. Preferably at the same time.

Retail Value: Starts at $20.00 per bottle.

Give Her Some Flowers! Amazon Prime Now Flower Delivery: I love me some flowers. They make me smile and brighten up my home. I love seeing all the flowers blossoming in my neighborhood in beautiful shades preparing to shine this summer. Starting on May 13 through May 14 Amazon Now is offering FREE two=hour delivery of fresh flowers. To celebrate Mother’s Day, Prime Now, Amazon’s superfast delivery service, will be offering FREE two-hour delivery of fresh flowers starting on 5/13 through Mother’s Day, 5/14. Prime Now also offers one and two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of items from Amazon, including awesome last-minute Mother’s Day gifts such as jewelry, cards, candy and beauty products.

Perfect For: The Mom who loves flowers.

Retail Value: One hour delivery is $7.99. Two hour delivery is free.

This is my first Mother’s Day with two kiddos and I can’t wait to spend the day outside with them enjoying each other’s company. Though my tween daughter is up to something and I’m sure is conspiring with my partner about special plans. Which might include breakfast in bed. Won’t say no to that!

Now, a giveaway! Enter today to win (1) Bridgehampton Backpack, (1) week of food for two from Pangea Nutrition and $50 worth of merchandise from Nalgene®. Ends MAY 19 at MIDNIGHT! Total value is over $280!! #WINNING.

BEFORE ENTERING: To ensure you can receive Pangea Nutrition which is delivered through Amazon Fresh, please check to see if your zipcode is covered by Amazon Fresh by clicking here. If Amazon Fresh doesn’t deliver to you, it would make an awesome gift!

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Happy Mother’s Day, friends! 


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40 Responses to “2017 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”

Kaitlyn Johnson says:

What an amazing post and giveaway for Mother’s Day! This would all be so helpful after I have my baby girl this month! Thanks for the opportunity!

admin says:

Congratulations on your baby girl!!

Heather Y says:

My sister, me and my mom are celebrating together!

Anne says:

Great gift ideas! My mom would like all of those!
I’d be celebrating a late Mother’s Day when she comes back home from another country. So excited!

Jenn says:

I always stumble when it comes to mothers day gifts I dont know why but my mother is har to shop for. Love her but it is hard to decide what to get her.

Karrie says:

I celebrated with my family at Olive Garden

Emily N. says:

I am celebrating my mother and grandmother!

Julie Moore says:

I am celebrating 11 years of being a mom

DealinDiva says:

I am celebrating my mom and my foster mother.

laura bernard says:

I celebrated with my mom

Bea Alexandra says:

I celebrate my mother and aunt every year.

Danielle Bell says:

My mom and motherin law

Celebrated it towards my daycare provider who is like a grandmother to my kids.

Kayla Klontz says:

I celebrated my grandmother this year.

Celeste Herrin says:

I’m celebrating my daughter as a first time mother. I am so proud of her. She has worked two jobs and put herself through college all while being a single mom.

Nichole McK says:

I’m happy to be celebrating with my gram who is 88 years young! My mom passed away years ago but I’m blessed to still have my Gram!

Anita Jude says:

celebrating ME since my mom has passed away and my sisters have too and of course i will be celebrating all the other women in life family and friends

Jenny Gault says:

I am celebrating both my mom and mother in law this year!

Ingrid Jackson says:

I celebrated my daughter being a Mother and her daughter being a Mother; I am proud to be a Mother of two, grandmother of two and great-grandmother of two.

Jill Jackson says:

We all got together for my mom since she is getting older, gas beginning dementia and a brain tumor and it might be the last time we are all together

Lula Ruger says:

I am celebrating with my daughter she is a wonderful mom

Amy Malone says:

Mothers Day was kinda hard this year. I did call my mother who lives a couple hours away from me. My stepson came over and tried to make dinner for me with his dad but let’s just say my kitchen looked like a bomb went off in it. The mothers day was hard on the family as health problems are getting in the way.

Meghan K says:

We just celebrated at home with our kids. Its not often this mama vets celebrated so it was very special to me.

Kim Avery says:

We celebrated my wonderful mother in law who also turned 87 !

Amber Bourland says:

My mom has been gone for many years, but I’ve been fortunate enough to have had several other mother figures in my life. They’ve all helped me learn what being a mother means and that is worth celebrating!

Melissa says:

Me, my mom, my sister and grandma!

kelly woods says:

I am celebrating my mom, my Nana who is 90 years old and my daughter in law who is now a mom and celebrating my life has a mom. I love my children with all my heart! Praise the Lord!

Hedgehogi says:

My mother and MIL and a close friend.

They are all so different and wonderful.

Elicia p says:

I celebrated myself and my aunt. I really enjoyed my mother’s day.

Holly Wright says:

I am celebrating my mother & myself with my children.

Dina L says:

I celebrated my Mother in Law and my mom’s memory.

Corey Olomon says:

I sent my moth we r flowers.

Gina Rock says:

My Mom and myself! I always try to do something special on Mother’s day!

Amy Deeter says:

My mom, my sisters , mother in law, and my grandma in law

Saundra Bowers says:

We celebrated myself, my daughter and daughter in law for Mother`s day!

Ellie Wright says:

I celebrated along with my 2 daughters-in-law with my grandchildren.

Nancy Schools says:

I am celebrating my mother.

Donna Kozar says:

My mom and grandmother are gone, so just myself.

tonni says:

celebrating a day of Me!! i love my daughter . she is the best thing that ever happened to me. we are celebrating with brunch and some family time

amanda whitley says:

i am celebrating my wonderful mother, she has really been there for me especially lately

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