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Do Women Really Want Wreckless Love?

I, like many women have had my fair share of love and lusts in my time. Relationships I thought would last forever, and those that crashed and burned right in front of my eyes. So is life – and love. As I’ve gotten older, and since the birth of my daughter I’ve begun reflecting on previous relationships and what I currently seek in a partner.

Which leads me to the question: do women want that wreckless love?

That inconsistent-passionate-fiery-unexpected-rated X-crazy-butterflies love? Umm, yes! Where can I sign up for that? Any of us that have experienced it know its power – what it can do to our body and sanity. It’s a shot of adrenaline, it’s like we are on fire. Burning, hot, madly intertwined with this person. We. Just. Cant. Get. Enough. I’ve been there…many times. It’s this feeling that grows within waiting to be unleashed. And when it breaks free, there is no telling what can happen.

It’s that Fitz & Oliva type love.

But what are the implications in being in such a crazed state? I tend to think most relationships begin like this – hot and heavy – erratic. In my earlier dating years, this is only what I sought, and as a result was what I got. Those were rough years, because for me being in a wreckless love meant I never really knew what I was getting myself into and how things would turn out. And when they fizzled (and they did), I was left confused and hurt.

I’m not actively seeking, but I do think about the type of love I hope to find. And it’s not a wreckless one. I think I got caught up in thinking a wreckless love was the only one in which two people could be madly and passionately in love with one another. But it’s not. Love and affection isn’t what it used to mean to me. I can have the best of both worlds.

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I want a love that excites me, spoils me, and keeps me on my toes.

I want a love that protects me, challenges me, and respects me.

I want a love that fulfills me, pleases me, and brings out my best.

I want a love that that keeps the fire going and going and going.


What do you think – do you think women really want wreckless love?


Single Mom Not Seeking this Valentine’s Day

Please let me preface this post by saying I am not a bitter man-hating woman, I don’t curse happy couples on V-Day. I was not recently burned and looking for revenge. I’m just a woman and mom giving her two sense in on 2.14.

It’s cute. From the freshly trimmed bouquets of flowers, to neatly wrapped boxes of chocolate, to plush singing teddy bears, to mushy cards, Valentine’s Day is truly a cutesy day. Supposed to be a day where lovers unite to rekindle their love over expensive dinners and bottles of wine. Where lovers who have gone astray once again remember the love they shared. A chance to spoil your Valentine and show them how much they mean to you. It all sounds GREAT, doesn’t it? It sure does! But, not for this single mama.

Regardless of if I’ve been in a relationship or not, 2/14 has never been my cup of tea, or box of chocolates (haha). I’ve never been able to fully wrap my head around a day dedicated to showing love and affection to those that live within your heart. Just like with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day I’m a big believer in consistently letting people in your life know you care about them, at every opportunity you get. Maybe this stems from my not being as affectionate with my Grandfather as I wanted to be before he passed. But this day full of drawn out love songs and pink and red hearts kind of just gets on my nerves, as a woman and single mama.

Yes, I’m a single mama, and damn proud of the life I’m building for myself and my daughter. But, riddle me this, why do some think that because I don’t depend on a man, live with a man, have a man on my arm, mean that I MUST be unhappy and bitter and lonely. It MUST mean that I’m on the prowl desperately searching for some arm candy to open the door, buy me dinner, and some chocolate covered strawberries?

In the words of my new friend via YouTube, Sweet Brown:

Do I want to eventually a forever kind of love? A partner to romance and share life’s beautiful memories with? A loving father and husband to grow old with? Hell-to-the-yes!! TRUE LOVE is a beautiful beautiful thing!! However, as a woman with dignity, I refuse to be sucked into believing that because I am single and not seeking on Valentine’s Day means that I’ve got my priorities all messed up and backwards.

So Valentine’s Day, you can keep your sweetheart candies, red artificial lollipops, and overpriced Valentine’s cards. This single mom is happily not seeking this year, and is oh so very content with me, myself, and I!