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What’s been keeping me up at night

Well aside from my insomnia and sleep apnea….coparenting. Yes another post on coparenting from me. Co-parenting has always been something I have struggled with being a single parent. This past year has been an incredibly tough year for me and my co-parent and his relationship with our daughter. Our daughter is old enough now where she is severely affected when he is not around when he says he is going to be. Watching my daughter’s big brown eyes peer out the window waiting impatiently for her Dad, and him never showing up has shattered my heart into pieces. His previous absence and inconsistency really affected her, and as her Mother, I of course want to protect her and don’t want to see her hurting. 

I wrote a post titled What Scares Me About Co-Parenting, it was a very honest post about my concerns with this our usually dysfunctional co-parenting relationship. From the post: I am afraid that my daughter will grow up not trusting men. I fear every time she asks where her Daddy is.I fear that our daughter will resent me because I’m the tough parent and he’s the fun parent (when he’s around). I fear that she will grow up to be me. A worried child who felt like her Daddy didn’t love her. Because if he did he would surely want to spend time with me. He’d want to come around on birthdays, at my high school graduation, at the birth of my child. 

I’m glad I’m taking the time to be mindful of all these issues, but at the end of the day, she has me, and if I can say so, she’s pretty damn lucky to have such a passionate and loving mother. I can’t change her father; all I can do is keep the line of communication open with our daughter so she’s comfortable enough to have conversations about how she’s feeling. And we’ve had a few so far, they haven’t been easy for me, but they are important to have. It’s important to respect her feelings. This situation is difficult for her as well, and she needs to be able to have a voice. So while all these worries consume me at night, when I peek in her room and see her peacefully sleeping tangled between her favorite pillows, one foot hanging off the bed and snoring, I take a small comfort in knowing that I’m enough. 


The Lorax is awesome & a Stonyfield Giveaway!

The folks over at Stonyfield sent my daughter and I to see the wonderful movie The Lorax in 3D this weekend. I’m sure by now we’ve all seen a commercial or ad for this wonderful movie, and I’m glad to say that it sure did live up to all the hype!
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
          Dr. Suess
From the graphics to the message, the movie was one of the best kid’s movies I’ve seen in a long time. It wasn’t just about social responsibility it was about greed, manipulation, confidence, and the environment. It made me think a lot about my role in society and how I may be helping or hurting the environment. It’s great because my daughter left wanting to plant seeds and spend time with the trees!
So where does Stonyfield fit into the picture? Well speaking of caring for our environment, Stonyfield, the world’s leading organic yogurt maker, recently announced their collaborating with the recent 3D movie and recently launched YoKids Greek Yogurt.
With 6 grams of protein and an excellent source of calcium made with low-fat organic milk, YoKids Greek is perfect for meal or snack time. And, as the only organic Greek yogurt available for kids, YoKids Greek provides families a quality product produced without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, genetically engineered ingredients, or artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. My daughter is HOOKED!!
If you and your family would like to try YoKids, enter the giveaway below:
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Entering couldn’t be any easier. Leave a comment below (including email) letting me know what you and your family do it take care of the environment! (Be sure to use the Rafflecopter for your entries) You must have Java Script enabled for Rafflecopter to load!

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Giveaway ends Sunday March 25th. At the close of the giveaway one winner will be chosen using and will be notified via email. Open to US residents only. 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Stonyfield. All opinions expressed are the blogger’s own views not influenced by any outside biases.


Why do I blog anyway??

For new (thank you!) and returning (thank you!) visitors to the blog, I hope you have all had a chance to check out my *About Me* page. I started this blog about two years ago, and since then my voice has grown and matured. I have embraced the growth but it also has me wondering about the future of the blog and wondering more and more about if what I’m writing about is appealing to others.
So, why do I blog anyway? In a nutshell I feel like I have too. I need a place to unload. I am driven by emotions, and this blog is my virtual diary. I have spilled out my thoughts, my happiness, my sorrow into my posts. Blogging is therapeutic, it’s enlightening. The support I have received is so much more than I ever could have anticipated, and I’ve made some amazing friends through the blogosphere. I have a voice and I understand the power of a voice, and I want to share my voice and continue to make connections with other bloggers and create a safe and inviting space for people to come, share, unload, and feel supported.
As I think about the future of my blog (no I’m not going to stop writing!) I remember why I chose to blog in the first place, and it all started with a name. Mommy Glow. Becoming a parent has been the most…wonderful-delightful-lovely thing to ever have happened to me. Being a single parent has spoiled me, as I have my daughter all to myself most days. Our bond is unbreakable, even at 6 years old she still has separation anxiety. And at 26 I too, suffer from separation anxiety from my daughter. Being her parent has opened me up to the world, and I am so grateful for all the experiences I’ve been through since being a Mom. They have helped shape me and have made me wiser, smarter. She has provided warmth in my life that carries me wherever I go, hence Mommy Glow. So this is why I blog and I hope to those that read my posts and have followed my journey have felt inspired and engaged along the way. :)
For my fellow bloggers: why do you blog? What keeps you going and motivated?
Love and Light.