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Mamavation Monday

Last Weeks Goals:

-Walk 15 miles
-Continue Shred
-Turbo Jam 2x this week
-Add brown rice/whole grain pasta

-STRETCH after every workout!

Mon: 4.21mi -Shred
Tues: 4.08mi
Wed: 0mi – Turbo Jam
Thurs: 5.28mi
Fri: 4.36mi – Shred
Sat: 0mi
Sun: 1.91mi

Total Miles = 19.84miles

Jan 17th                     Feb 7th
Weight: 168.4             Weight: 167.4
Chest: 39                    Chest: 38
Waist: 39                    Waist: 39

Hips: 42                      Hips: 40

If you recall, last week I lost 1lb and I wasn’t that excited about it, but happy to see the scale decrease. Well this week I gained back the 1 lb, which is frustrating. I’m honestly running out of workout/fitness steam, and not sure what it will take to get back on track.

I don’t handle stress well, and I’m stretched so thin raising my daughter, working, Senior year in College, volunteering, blogging, dealing with absent parent, and trying to figure out life after school. When I stress, I don’t think yah I should work out. I think, I need to go lay down. 

It is encouraging to see that my measurements have gone down a tad, minus that damn stubborn waist. Ugh.

I’ve been wanting to lose 2lbs a week since like forever, so this week, I will continue the walking and do a workout DVD everynight…which will most likely mean I’ll be headed to bed an hour later everynight. Which will mean a crankier mommy. There honestly doesn’t seem like there is any damn balance!

This week’s goals:
-Lose 1-2lbs
-Walk 15 miles
-Workout DVD everyday!!

-Increase water intake

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Chef’s Requested.
Question: What are you doing to keep your heart healthy? I have honestly never considered making sure my heart was healthy, and don’t know how to ensure that my heart is staying healthy.


Favorite Quote Friday

“I feel like I’m losing control of myself, I sincerely,
Apologize if all that I sound like is I’m complaining,
But life keeps on complicating, an’ I’m debating,
On leaving this world, this evening, even my girls,
Can see I’m grievin’, I try and hide it,
But I can’t, why do I act like I’m all high and mighty,
When inside, I’m dying, I am finally realizing I need help.
I can’t do it by myself, too weak, 2 weeks I’ve been having ups and downs,
Going through peaks and valleys, dilly dallying,
I’m hatin’ my reflection, I walk around the house tryin’ to fight mirrors,
I can’t stand what I look like, yeah, I look fat, but what do I care?
I give a fuck, only thing I fear, is Hailie,
I’m afraid if I close my eyes I might see her,
-“Going Through Changes” Eminem – Recovery
Eminem is just amazing. His voice is electrifying for me, and I am a huge fan. I listened to his latest album, Recovery this morning on the way to work, and Going Through Changes is one of my favorite songs on the album. This first verse of the song speaks to me so loudly. Life has been nothing short of a damn roller coaster ride lately, and I’m barely hanging on. I wish I could share great news with you all, but honestly, its not what is whats going on in my life right now. Yes, I am so so blessed to have my daughter and so blessed that she is happy and healthy. But, there is so much more going on in my life. Its tearing me apart. But, anyway wanted to share this verse with you because I’ve had the song on repeat all day.
Have a great weekend


My 2011 Vision Board

I was introduced to the idea of making vision boards years ago during one of my classes. I intitally didn’t like it. I was pessimitic that a little poster could help me reach my goals. But I was pleasently surprised, and have been making vision boards for years now.

After my homegirl Ashley over at Glam No Labelz talked about creating a vision board for 2011, I promised to create one as well. Then you know…life happened, and I didn’t create one. Then Ashley posted hers on her blog, then I knew I had to get my butt into gear!

So here is my 2011 vision board, which I completed weeks ago, but haven’t had time to post. 

There is alot going on. But in a nutshell in 2011 I want too:
-Lose 30 lbs [gulp!] and get sexy abs, butt, and thighs lol
-I want to remain in a positive coparenting state of mind [woo-sah]
-I want to believe in myself
-I want to spend more time building relationships with my girlfriends
-I want a Wii, Blackberry, and Sony Vaio
-I want to save more + eliminate debt
-Build up my Project Single Moms affiliate
-Continue blogging and networking
-Breathe and try to relax [Though relax is not in my dictionary lol]
-Continue being the best mom I can be!
I’ve also included phrases that are meaningful to me like capable single mom, just live your life, and oh yes I can!

I’ve put this vision board in my bathroom so I can look at it everyday and remain focused on my goals.

Have you made a 2011 vision board? If so, what is on yours? Whats important to you this year? If you haven’t made one, would you consider making one?


I’ve Chosen a Domain Name!!

THANK YOU to all who voted and helped me choose a domain name! As I mentioned in my previous post, the domain was taken, so I needed to come up with something.
So I asked you all to help and the 2 most popular domains [chosen by you] were: and and some of you even mentioned that you liked which wasn’t on the list [which I really like myself!]
So after some carfeul consideration the domain I’ve chosen is……drumroll please….. !!!
It’s simple, its cute, its easy! So now after I figure out how to purchase the domain, which will still be hosted through blogger, I’ll finally have a domain!! 
[If you have any experience or can point me in the right direction, please let me know!]

Thanks for your help!