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Mamavation Monday

Last Week’s Goals:
-Walk 15 miles
-Lose 2lbs
-Low-No Carbs
-Continue eating hearty breakfast
-Stretch/Heal traps
Last Week’s Totals:
Monday: 4.2mi
Tuesday: 2.84mi
Wednesday: 5.33mi
Thursday: 0.13mi
Friday: 4.34 mi
Saturday: 3.39mi
Sunday: 1.05mi
Total = 21.28miles
I overall had a not so great week and my pulled trap muscle had me not engaging in Shred or rigorous workouts. Instead I did alot of stretching. I tried Yoga, but only lasted 15 minutes. I’ve tried Yoga in the past. Really tried to love it…but I don’t. Yoga is just not for me lol.
So I surpassed my goal of walking 15 miles so that is awesome, oh and I lost 1lb! I measly pound, I know, I know I should be happy, and given I had a hard week I didn’t think I was going to lose. And I did! It’s just frustrating. I’m making all these changes in my life, and I just lost 1lb?! At this rate it’s going to take forever to reach my goals. I walk an average of 20 miles a week, so I know I’ve gained some muscle. And muscle builds fat. Soooo burn baby burn lol!

Speaking of goals, I have quite a few. The biggest is I want to lose 30 pounds by June!! One of my closest friends is getting married in Canada in June, and I’m using her wedding as a goal to lose 30! Somehow, someway I WILL be down 30 pounds by June! Ahhhh!! But it feels really good to have a goal to be working for. I added a “Get it right – Get it tight” widget over on the right column to track my progress.
Last week I also decided to go low-carb and man was it hard! I’m so used to incorporating pasta and rice into my meals! But I didn’t have any! It was super difficult, and this week I’m going to integrate brown rice and whole grain pasta [which I love] but of course only in moderation. Going to continue a diet high in fruit and veggies!
This Week’s Goals:
-Walk 15 miles
-Continue Shred
-Turbo Jam 2x this week
-Add brown rice/whole grain pasta
-STRETCH after every workout!

BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Earth Footwear.
Question: What does “wellness” mean to you? Hmm, what does wellness mean to me? Not a very easy question to answer. Wellness means that my body is in harmony and fluid. Wellness means that I am engaging in activities and eating foods in which provides positive fuel to my body to be the best it can be. Wellness means making healthy choices for myself and my daughter.


Domain Name Help!

What it do, what it do? For awhile now I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to buy a domain for Mommy Glow. I’ve had this wonderful blog for a little under a year, and I’ve been able to connect with some wonderful wonderful people, and I know that 2011 will being only bigger and better things for my blog! Yay! Buuuut, is taken!!! And annoyingly the owner is just waiting for the right price to sell. Not gonna happen! Which means I have to come up with an alternate domain name. Hmmmm. This is where you come in! I can’t figure it out by myself so asking for your help! What name below do you think would be best for my domain??
Domain Choices for Mommy Glow!!

Thank You for your help!


In 2011 I choose….

In 2009 I initiated Africa 500. An effort to collect 500 books for an impoverished primary school in Zimbabwe. Together with friends and professors I completed this task and was able to ship close to 500 books over to the library of the primary school. After the first shipment of books arrived, the community decided to name the new library after me. Little did I know, but my efforts all the way in Massachusetts sparked a change within the community in Zimbabwe. My seemingly small effort enacted a sense of excitement within the community, and the principal encouraged everyone to learn how to read.
In 2010 I created Mommy Glow. I created Mommy Glow because as a younger minority mom I didn’t hear the voices of other young moms (especially minorities) represented positively in media and print. So I brought my voice into words and have the joy of connecting and collaborating with other moms of various backgrounds and nationalities. And what a wonderful journey it’s been.
In 2011 self-love is the journey I’m undertaking. I can honestly say that I don’t have much self-love. My love is showered on my daughter. She is my joy. She is my heart. She is love. I don’t take the time to learn myself and love myself. And, I suppose I don’t know how. I grew up in a household where my Mother wasn’t openly affectionate with me and my siblings. When I was a teenager, she wasn’t around much and I was just sort of wandering. I was lonely. My Father was not a part of my life, and I leeched onto boyfriends to fill the void within my heart. Looking back now I see that I was looking for a cure. A cure for an unfulfilled heart. A heart quenching for love and admiration. A love that I didn’t get from either parent. And when I loved, I loved hard. Too hard. Fell too fast. Hurt so badly I bled. I put up with so much that I shouldn’t have. For what…love? I’m not sure I know what love is.
My solution to the end of a relationship was to fill my time with someone else. I didn’t want to think, I didn’t want to hurt, I just wanted to f-e-e-l. To feel something other than numb. Silly me, huh? I have yet to heal from my past relationships. Left are wounds that still hurt, that still bleed. These wounds are left unattended, because I’m afraid to go back and fix them, to remember the pain. And I hold so much guilt inside. The guilt weighs so heavy on my mind. On my heart. I’ve realized that no one else can remove this weight. Regardless of how much they love me. Because if I don’t love me, no one can ever truly love me. Which begs the question, who am I? I feel that my purpose has been clearer since giving birth to my daughter. But am I just a Mother? I eat, sleep, and bleed for my daughter. And she knows that. People who know ‘me’ know that. I cannot be away from her without having a slight asthma attack. But I’ve gotten to the point where I have too much baggage. I have so much hurt within that it’s starting to seep out of me. I don’t want to feel hurt anymore. I don’t want to lean on relationships to mend my heart. It’s up to me.
So in 2011 my journey is self-love. Self-acceptance. To find out who I am. To find out what makes me happy, because I’m unhappily unhappy, and it’s not ok. It’s not ok.